Empty Nest?

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Empty nest syndrome is a term given to the emotions that a parent can feel when their child or children leave home.

As we head towards September, many parents will be preparing their children for the next step of school, or university.

Whilst good parents will always encourage their child to be independent and happy, the reality of letting them go can be painful and can leave a parent feeling lost, and sometimes, a little regretful. As they contemplate this important milestone for their child, it can prompt a parent to consider their own position in life too.

Many common emotions associated with ‘empty-nesters’ include:

  • Frustration – about the fact that you aren’t where you hoped you’d be at this stage in your life
  • Fear or worry – regarding getting older, because children leaving is a significant milestone
  • Loneliness – as you miss the constant companionship and being an integral part of your child’s daily life
At Home Instead, we fully appreciate that our team members find their way to us via a variety of routes.

Some have been involved in the care profession for many years, and others may have been prompted to look for a more fulfilling role after caring for their own loved one, like Hannah. Many of our Care Professionals, like Jacqui, actively sought out a role with us, after becoming disillusioned with the monotony of their administrative jobs, for example, or because they want to find a role that can fit around family life, friends and other work commitments.

It’s also very true that some have looked to Home Instead to fill the extra spare time that an empty nest can create – and this is a positive. Being a great parent can take up all of your time and energy, so embracing your own new-found independence in the same way that your ‘uni bound’ child is doing, makes complete sense!

Setting yourself some specific challenges or goals for the future is a great plan. The role of Care Professional at Home Instead offers you options, with regard to the time you want to commit – allowing you to fit the role around family and friends – and also in relation to your own ambitions – by enabling team members to embark on their own learning journey via our Personalised Career Pathways scheme. Training is key to our success at Home Instead and year on year, our policy of encouraging continuous career development for our team members, has reaped great rewards for all concerned.

For women, the ‘empty nest’ stage can often coincide with another life event: menopause. At Home Instead, we are menopause supporters – wholeheartedly so. Our team have embarked on rigorous research in order to be able to support and guide colleagues to the best of their ability.

Menopause is not a taboo topic for us, and with regular Menopause Meetups, gathering as colleagues and friends, in person and online, team members can be assured that an understanding and informed ear is always available.

Plus, we are a naturally sociable bunch too! So, your newfound freedom can be filled not only with a rewarding role and career, but also through time with friends from your community. Our Care Professionals connect in a variety of ways, through our private Facebook group, Walk & Talk group and Book Group, and enjoy regular social gatherings, from beach picnics to tapas nights, sea swims and summer cruise events – you need never feel lonely again.

If you would like to set yourself up for your own ‘September Adventure’, don’t hesitate! Call our officially Outstanding and friendly Recruitment Team on 01395 200600, send us a message via 07508 231941, take a look at our Current Vacancies HERE, and find out what we are up to by following us on Facebook… Discover why we are different!