Care Professional Catch Up... with Jacqui

Jacqui joined Home Instead following a long and diverse corporate career, and really, she couldn't be happier...

We are thoroughly proud of the team that we have created here at Home Instead Exeter & East Devon, and equally proud of their diversity, with regard to skills, age, interests and in the case of many, including our Care Professional, Jacqui, career too.

Jacqui believes that fate has played a pivotal role in her life, and as her working journey has weaved its way around a number of areas, she may have a point!

Following A Level studies, Jacqui had every intention of embarking on a Degree in Business Studies but narrowly missed out. It was when taking part in the Uni clearing process that she was invited to join the Technology, Science & Management Degree course at Bradford University.

In what we now know is typical of Jacqui, she embraced this unexpected change of direction and says she thoroughly enjoyed every opportunity that it offered, saying “The course was great. It was what was known then as a ‘sandwich course’ meaning I would study for a year full time and then head into industry for a placement for a year, then back to study, and then another placement and then to a final year of study. It gave me a real insight into the working world and how I could best apply my skills. That’s where I found my first role with BT.”

Jacqui then embarked on a longstanding career spanning almost 30 years, which led her through various departments covering and managing projects and large teams in areas including procurement, marketing and HR. Jacqui admits that the last ‘third’ of her corporate career saw her discover her real passion – for people and processes… perfect skills for a Care Professional at Home Instead!

Jacqui is very clear about this realisation, saying “What makes me happy is making other people happy. It’s simple really. If I can play a part in making life or even a moment in time better for another person, then that feels great to me. There is a big part of me that also really appreciates the high level of organisation and detail that’s important at Home Instead, so it suits me really well as an employee.”

Having taken an early retirement, Jacqui was considering her next career step when Covid-19 came around. In typical Jacqui style, she found herself stepping up to provide support to those in need across her local community, during the uncertainty and various lockdowns that followed. It was something of a lightbulb moment for Jacqui and she started to actively consider how a role in community care could really tick lots of boxes for her.

“I initially approached one local care company but immediately new that our goals didn’t align, and that’s when I discovered Home Instead. By chance there was a Recruitment Coffee Morning coming up at the Clyst St Mary office so I took myself along for a chat, loved it, loved the team, secured an interview and was blown away when I was offered the role of Care Professional – not least because I realise that the Company employ just 1 in 10 of those that apply!”

“It’s working out brilliantly for me, because I still get to do all the things I planned to do, and find time for family and friends etc. around my schedule, plus learn new skills and enjoy a real sense of achievement. My family were really hesitant at first because, like many, they had made assumptions about the care sector, and couldn’t imagine me doing ‘that kind of job’. They have completely changed their minds! My experience has only been positive, and now, they’re actually really proud to tell people what Mum does. It means a lot.”

As for the future, Jacqui says that she thrives on learning new skills and is pleased to be starting studies for the Level 3 RQF qualification, fully funded and supported by Home Instead as part of the Personalised Career Pathways scheme, commenting…

“If I am going to do something, I want to do it to the absolute best of my ability, and that applies to my care role too. It’s exciting to be starting a new phase in my career and there are so many options for me to learn and areas to specialise in, it’s great.”

Jacqui, we are so pleased that fate, and your calling, brought you our way – we can’t wait to see where your journey with Home Instead takes you.

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