Days out with our clients

Day out at the London Pet Show at Earls Court

Our CAREGivers regularly take their clients on special days out and we were sent a lovely account about a day out at the London Pet Show from one of our clients who is partially sighted:

"On the 17th May my Home Instead CAREGiver, Claire, and I attended the London Pet Show.  We both love animals so just after both our birthdays, as a treat to ourselves, we decided we would attend the London Pet Show.

I am registered blind and have some remaining central vision, and have been having services from Home Instead for over 3 and a half years.  I have two CAREGivers and I am very lucky to have close relationships with both of them.  Claire supports me on a Tuesday and Thursday and has been doing for just over a year.  My other CAREGiver, Justine, supports me on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and has been doing so for the full 3 and a half years.  Claire, Justine and I have had some fun adventures during this time.

We had a fantastic day at the Pet Show.  The journey was a bit longer than expected due to the tube not running and we had to get a replacement bus from Wimbledon to Earls Court.  I got to hold some lovely animals, this included a spinx cat, which have no hair, I wasn’t sure if I liked them or not.  It did have some hair in small patches on its face and legs which felt more like stubble to me!  I got to hold a chinchilla, this was lovely as I used to have one as a pet.  I also got to hold a German Shepherd police dog puppy that was only 10 weeks old. Claire wanted to hold a piglet but every time we went over they said they were too busy.

There were lots of different breeds of dogs and cats.  We had fun saying hello to all of them and their owners who had brought them along. I especially liked the golden retriever display team, one of them looked like my guide dog, Uma, who is a golden retriever x lab and I kept dragging Claire back so we could stroke them.

We finished the day by going round the pet stalls which were selling lots of pet toys and equipment.  Claire was very restrained but I brought Uma a big purple turtle which she adores and is currently the toy of choice to take as a present when both Claire and Justine come to see me."

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