This Week's Heatwave - Tips on how to stay cool

The temperature is scorching this month. 

This makes them considerably more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Doctors warn that hot nights are particularly dangerous for the elderly. This is because it can be more difficult for their bodies to recover from heat dress caused during hot days.

Tips on how to stay safe during the heatwave:

Tip 1: Stay hydrated – even if you’re not thirsty it’s important to drink plenty of fluids to replace what’s lost from sweating. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol which can increase dehydration.

Tip 2: Cover up – wear a hat. This will help keep your face in the shade.

Tip 3: Avoid the hottest times of the day (11am – 3pm). If you need to venture out, ensure that you aren’t outside for extended time periods. If you are, try your best to find and stay in shade.

Tip 4: If safe, consider leaving the windows open at night.

Tip 5: Go lightweight – wear clothing that is loose, lightweight, breathable and light coloured. For example, a thin cotton shirt may be a good choice.

Tip 6: Choose where to sit. Look for the cooler parts of your home. Keeping curtains or blinds closed to prevent sun heating up rooms, in particular, you bedroom.

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion:

The signs of heat exhaustion include:

  • headache
  • dizziness and confusion
  • loss of appetite and feeling sick
  • excessive sweating and pale, clammy skin
  • cramps in the arms, legs and stomach
  • fast breathing or pulse
  • temperature of 38C or above
  • intense thirst
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