The Importance of Dementia Care and Support at Home

An early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia can come as a shock, and can be frightening for the individual concerned, as well as their family. An early diagnosis is much preferred, as the general course of the disease can be predicted by a specialist, according to what type of dementia it is, and appropriate help and support can be sought out.

In these circumstances, it is never pleasant to think about how the disease might progress, but it is important to remain positive and hold your relative’s best interests at heart. However, it is wise to consider the options available to you and your relative as soon as possible, so you can be sure that measures are in place should something unexpected happen.

When considering options for future care, most people’s thoughts will automatically jump to residential nursing homes. Depending on the individual situation, most people will offer to care for their elderly relative themselves, but there will come a point, for both the benefit of you and your relative, that professional care will be needed, and a lot of people will only think of residential care homes when they consider this. However, professional dementia care at home is available.

Dementia Care and Support at Home

Residential nursing homes can provide specialist care for dementia, but they cannot always offer the person-centred, individually tailored care that professional care agencies can offer at home. In residential care homes, you might find that all residents are required to have breakfast at 9 o’clock, then all have lunch at the same time, as well as dinner, supper, and the time they go to bed. The residents might be receiving everything they need, but their own preferences and opinions are not taken into account.

The benefits of dementia care and support at home far outweigh those of residential care homes. A professional dementia home care service, such as Home Instead Birmingham, will work with the individual affected by dementia, as well as their immediate family, in order to develop a clear and comprehensive care plan that takes into account the own, personal needs or desires of the client, as well as the concerns and suggestions of the family. This plan is specifically person-centred to ensure that the client can still maintain their independence and live within their own preferences. Along with comprehensive plans provided by dementia home care services, it is also beneficial for Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Being among familiar surroundings helps clients to hold on to their identity and feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Home Instead Birmingham is the only care provider in The UK to offer City and Guilds accredited dementia training to our CAREGivers, so each and every one of our clients is safe in the knowledge that their CAREGiver can provide them with everything they need , and they can feel completely safe and secure. Along with comprehensive care for elderly people in their own homes, we specialise in Alzheimer’s and dementia care and can provide home help for elderly people with dementia, as well as helping with personal care, engaging clients in mentally stimulating activities, taking them out and about, helping with travel arrangements, and much more. We also take the time to specially match each of our CAREGivers with a new client, to ensure they have complimentary interests and personalities, and can build a strong foundation of friendship. We place great importance on this friendship, and believe that this social interaction and activity can have untold benefits.

Home Instead Birmingham believe that offering person-centred care and advanced dementia care at home is a vastly preferable option to residential care homes, and believe that it can have greater benefits for the individuals concerned, as well as their families.

To find out more about our specialist Alzheimer’s and dementia services, and how we can provide you with quality, comprehensive dementia care at home, you can visit our care services page here.

Home Instead Birmingham also currently has a number of home care vacancies and care assistant jobs available in the Birmingham area. Please call us on 01214 565559 now for more information.

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Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home