Scam Awareness Session

On the 11th June, our dementia champion Terry Cheung organised and provided the session to make others aware of Scam Awareness.   Here's a photo which was took from a Scam Awareness talk for Charity, called "Think Jessica" It took place at Sorrento Court in Moseley.     #scamawareness #homeinstead #Thinkjessica #Sorrentocourt #moseley #scam           Information about Scam Awareness:    Friends against scams will: Start                                             Taking                                             Action                                             Now and                                             Deliver the message against scams!    Here's an example of a lady tackling scams! 

91 year old - Tackling scams head on!! Following months of receiving Scam letters Mail Marshal Lillian is now tackling Scams head on!

91-year-old Lillian fought back against scam mail con by becoming an NTS Scams Team Mail Marshal. Lillian marks scam mail that is delivered to her home and Bexley Trading Standards are collecting this on a regular basis.  Lillian is now so clued up on how to spot a con that she is actively showing others what to look out for.   

The team supports the Friends Against Scams campaign, a national initiative that aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims.

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A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home