John Lewis Raising Awareness of Elderly Loneliness

It is that time of year, and as we are in the run up to Christmas the big retailers issue their highly anticipated Christmas adverts, and one of the most anticipated is always the retail giant, John Lewis.

This year John Lewis has chosen to team up with Age UK in order to raise more awareness of the loneliness that a lot of elderly people face at Christmas time. The advert features a little girl who spots an elderly man living alone on the moon through her telescope, and she becomes increasingly more determined to get a message to him. She eventually manages to send him a present at Christmas time, which is a telescope of his own with which he can see that the little girl is there for him.

Elderly loneliness is something that we at Home Instead witness on a daily basis, and we know that it can become as debilitating as any other illness. Studies have shown that loneliness can lead to severe depression or anxiety, and has even been compared to smoking 15 cigarettes a day; risking higher blood pressure, a greater chance of developing dementia, and a higher risk of early death.

At Home Instead we know the true value of companionship, and while the John Lewis advert depicts a poignant message about elderly loneliness during Christmas, it is important to remember this lesson all year round, and be aware of any elderly people in your life that could benefit from you popping around for five minutes or inviting them shopping with you on the weekend.

The advert has seen some controversy and inspires a range of reactions from different people, but whatever you think about it, we are grateful that it has facilitated a conversation about elderly loneliness, and we hope a lot more elderly people across the country won’t have to remain lonely this Christmas or the rest of the year. 

Home Instead senior care will be launching its ‘Be a Santa to a Senior’ campaign soon, and will be encouraging people in the local area to spread the joy this Christmas by taking time to visit elderly members of their community.

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home