Have you Thought about becoming a CAREGiver?

When considering a career in caring, you may think that you need a large number of qualifications, or even some experience in a medical background. These assumptions about caring are common, and easy to understand. However, this is certainly not the case.

The very fact that you are interested in caring, and want to spend your career helping others, is already half the battle. At Home Instead, we are always on the lookout for carers in the Birmingham area, and the first thing we ask of potential carers is that they are kind and compassionate. However, seeking out care worker jobs or dementia care jobs already suggests that you possess these vital personality traits.

However, caring might not be a career option that you actively seek out. There are a number of different reasons why people choose to become a carer with Home Instead, and there is no right or wrong answer. Some people have a genuine passion and drive for caring in the strictest sense, but other people may simply wish to meet new and interesting people, others might have fallen into the unofficial role of caer for a friend or family member, and want to move forward with the experience they have gained, and other people might have been unfortunate enough to experience what poor care is like, and set out to make a difference for those reasons. Caring with Home Instead Birmingham is also a great way to supplement your current income, as you can set your caring hours around your everyday occupation, and work flexibly.

What is Involved in a Care Worker Job?

Knowing what is involved in care jobs is another area of confusion or misconceptions. Most people will believe that all caring consists of is tasks like helping an individual to wash and dress, eat their food, or take their medication, and while these are incredibly essential services for those that can no longer do these things independently, work as a carer goes a lot deeper than that.

Being a carer is an incredibly personal thing, and all of our CAREGivers at Home Instead Birmingham form deep and lasting friendships with all of their clients. Forming bonds like these is a crucial part of work as a carer, and it means that you will get to know the likes, dislikes, moods, personality quirks, and preferences of the person you are caring for, and become attuned to the wants and needs, which will make you a better carer. It also helps to build valuable trust with your clients.

Each client will vary on the different things that they need, and what they can and cannot do for themselves. Of course a lot of elderly people, or people with dementia, might lack the co-ordination to bath or dress themselves independently, and a carer’s work is vital here to help them to remain dignified at all times. However, there are an untold number of things that a carer can do and provide to make their clients lives easier. For instance, you might have a chat about favourite movies, music, or latest news, accompany them to appointments, engage in hobbies like gardening and crafts, cook together, take care of pets, do some housework, visiting friends and neighbours, and much more.

There are no set definitions of what a care job should or shouldn’t involve at Home Instead; we believe in getting to know each and every client as an individual and tailoring care to suit their specific needs.

How Do You Become a Care Worker?

As we previously mentioned, at Home Instead Birmingham, you do not need any specific qualifications to apply for a care position. We do suggest that it will be beneficial for you if you have some experience of caring for or regularly interacting with older people, but it is not strictly necessary. We ask only that you are caring, considerate, kind, empathetic, and that you have a great deal of common sense and responsibility.

Once you have applied to be a CAREGiver, and we have approved your application, we will use your interests and personality traits to match you with a number of clients in order to create shared opinions and viewpoints you can bond over. Following this you will go through a comprehensive induction programme, and then you will be assigned another carer to shadow in order to get to know your client and routine. All of the necessary training will be provided to you, and you will be able to undertake QCF qualification in Health and Social Care and specialist city and guilds accredited dementia training for our dementia care jobs.

Working as a CAREGiver for Home Instead Birmingham is an incredibly rewarding career, and you will be able to bring happiness and individuality to so many lives in the Birmingham area. Additionally, it is an incredibly flexible job that can be structured around your own life, while still providing you with great benefits, such as mileage allowance, competitive pay, and paid holiday leave.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a superhero and a CAREGiver with Home Instead? You can find out more information about becoming a carer and home help for the elderly on our CAREGiver page here.

If you are interested in caring, or find that you need to provide care to a friend or family member at home, you might be interested in our book ‘Confidence to Care’. This book offers practical advice about dealing with all aspects of Alzheimer’s and dementia drawn from decades of specialist care provided in this area. It is available to purchase on Amazon here.

Home Instead currently has a number of home care vacancies across the Birmingham area. Please contact us on 01214 565559 for more information.

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home