Companionship and Home Help Services should go hand in hand

As people grow older, there are a number of reasons or circumstances that might lead to a loss of mobility, such as illness, Alzheimer’s and dementia, arthritis, and other symptoms of general old age. This loss of mobility can mean that older people often go for long periods of time without any social interaction or any time spent enjoying their hobbies and doing things they once loved.

We have written previously about elderly isolation, and the increasing number of older people in the UK that are experiencing feelings of loneliness. It is easy to see how elderly people may come to feel this way, as they lose people they were close to, or their loss in mobility prevents them from getting out and about to visit people as they usually once would. However, not enough is done to highlight the problems that this loneliness and isolation can cause. Intense feelings of loneliness can lead to severe depression, as well as increasing the risk of high blood pressure, the risk of developing dementia, and even the risk of early death.

As people grow older, under the reasons and circumstances we have already mentioned, they may require a certain level of home help to complete everyday tasks around the house, such as taking out rubbish, making the bed, going shopping, or light housekeeping and much else. Domestic home help services like these can be extremely helpful to older people in their own home, and stop them feeling frustrated at not being completely able to do these things for themselves. However, domestic home help for the elderly can also provide much needed companionship and social interaction. However, if home help services are not necessarily required, it might be worth seeking out companionship services.

What Are Companionship Services?

Companionship services is a form of professional care where CAREGivers provide friendly support to elderly people living alone. This companionship is just as essential as any other care services, as it can do so much to keep the feelings of loneliness at bay, and ensure elderly people do not feel isolated.

Companionship services consist of any normal help and support that friends may provide, and can include things such as escorting to and from appointments, helping with travel arrangements, visiting neighbours and friends, as well as normal things like talking about interests and the latest news, helping with reading, participating in hobbies like gardening, or even accompanying them to concerts, club meetings, or sporting events. Enlisting the services of a CAREGiver to provide companionship services can mean that your family member or loved one will have crucial social interaction, and minimise the time that they spend alone.

Home Instead Birmingham provides companionship services along with each of our other personal care services, home help services, and specialist dementia services. We believe that there are important benefits to helping older people remain in their own homes and in familiar surroundings. Home Instead treat each of our clients as individuals and believe that companionship should never be limited to certain times of day or from certain people, which is why we make all of our care visits, no matter the service that is being provided, at least 1 hour in length. During this time, each caregiver has enough time to complete their tasks to make their client comfortable, and they can also spend time getting to know their clients extremely well, and seeing to anything else they may need. This companionship is provided with every service, as we always aim to promote independence and dignity to each and every one of clients. Companionship services are truly an essential part of all care services, and can have untold benefits for elderly people.

To find out more about what our companionship services involve, you can visit our care services page here, or you can find out more about what is involved in being a CAREGiver with Home Instead Birmingham here.

Home Instead currently has a number of home care vacancies across the Birmingham area. Please contact us on 01214 565559 for more information.

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