Questions to ask when considering care at home

We're here to help you
We're here to help you

It can be a daunting experience when you’re considering care for your loved one for the first time. As for many, thinking about what help our parents, friends or partners may need is often put on the back burner until something happens that puts the situation into crisis.

Under extremely emotional conditions you may need to find a solution very quickly and as such it can be difficult to choose between providers, who may appear to be very similar on the surface, when you don’t have the time to research the differences between them properly or find out about their local reputation.

To help you determine which provider will be the most suitable for your loved one make sure to ask all providers  a couple of key questions, the answers will then help determine which is the best option for you.

What do they consider quality care and how is it measured?

                At Home Instead quality is centred on giving each individual client and their families the care that they want when they want it. The support is very much tailored to the needs and wishes of the person, not just tasks, and is given by the same CAREGiver who arrives on time, does what the client wants them to do and leaves on time. With no visit being less than an hour, our CAREGivers have the time to build a lasting relationship with their clients, that is built on familiarity, trust and understanding.

Are Carers matched to client needs?

                We take great pride in matching our CAREGivers to clients in terms of interest, hobbies, background and personalities. To provide a quality service it is crucial that our clients feel that they can develop a true bond with their CAREGiver.

 Are the carers introduced to the client before the service starts?

                All Home Instead CAREGivers are introduced by someone that the client has already met prior to the service starting.

Can the start and end time of the visits be when the client wants them?

                With Home Instead, you and your loved one tell us when the service is required, we do not fit you in to unallocated slots.

What happens when the scheduled carer is ill or unable to attend the scheduled visit?

                At Home Instead our clients always have a ‘back up’ CAREGiver that has been introduced to cover illness and holidays and provide continuity of service. In this situation the client would also be informed so that they know exactly what is happening.

 Is the On-Call service manned by local people who know all about the clients.

                Under the management of Care Manager, Caroline Wright, the On Call Service at Home Instead is managed by the office staff who are in regular daily contact with clients and CAREGivers.

Is travel time to the clients home included in the quoted visit duration?

                For Home Instead, an hour means an hour with no deduction for travelling; therefore clients receive all the time that they pay for

Is mileage to the client’s home charged extra?

                No, only if a CAREGiver takes a client out for a trip during the visit as part of the requested service  is mileage charged for. We don’t believe in hidden costs, again clients get exactly what they pay for.

Hopefully you have found this useful. The above list isn’t exhaustive but it will help point you in the right direction.

If you need any further help in finding the right care solution for you and your family please call and speak to any one of the team who will be more than happy to answer your questions, 01952 581112

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Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home