Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!

Physical activity and exercise is an important part in everyday life, and this includes the elderly. Many adults who are 65 and over spend on average 10 hours a day sitting down. This can be harmful to your health as it can increase the risks of falls, obesity, heart disease and early death. Things you used to enjoy such as spending time with your family or walking to the shops could become a struggle; this is why regular exercise is essential. The benefit of this includes the reduced risk of high blood pressure, improved mood, co-ordination and mental well-being and also the ability to live independently for longer. Repetitive exercise such as walking on a treadmill or riding on an exercise bike has been seen to help dementia sufferers to reduce their anxiety as they have no decisions to make or don’t have to remember what comes next, it is also essential for maintaining blood flow to the brain which, in turn can help reduce the risk of dementia developing. Starting off with 10 minutes a day will help get your body moving!

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