A Little Ditty from Home Instead

Having Fun
Having Fun

Home Instead is the place to where good folk come.

When life gets tough for a special loved one.

It’s often the small things that become difficult to do.

Little things that are easy for me or for you.

Like sharing a conversation with a friend.

Changing a bed when your back doesn’t bend.

Or shopping when you can’t see what’s in the fridge.

Or the path to the gate and over the bridge.

You fear that your legs might give way at the door.

Too many times you’ve been found on the floor.

Imagine you’re not old, but your body thinks it is.

Or your mind is in a dementia hazed tiz.

You can’t recognise the ones that you hold dear.

Living in a world where all you experience is fear.

It’s doesn’t have to mean that life has to stop.

That we give up and let all our respect drop.

For someone who’s life should be the same as ours.

Who deserves still to experience life’s treats and flowers.

It’s about having a full and happy life.

Regardless of conditions, illness or strive.

At Home Instead, we respect that if at all possible.

Life should be varied, and lived to the full.

So we make sure we provide the best support and attention.

From our Caregivers who deserve an enormous mention.

They take their clients out and about.

Their trust and reliability never in doubt.

It’s not about tasks or ticking the box.

It’s not about constantly watching the clocks.

It’s about being in the park, enjoying the sun.

Or helping to read a letter from a special loved one.

It’s the size of their heart, of which they share.

We only recruit people who seriously care.

From long term conditions, cancer and strokes,

And those with learning difficulties and the very old folks.

We look after them all, with love and devotion

It’s not a job to us, it’s a wonderful vocation.

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home