Care Professional Team Meeting

Everyone associated with us knows that our carers are what make the company tick. Simply put, without their extraordinary efforts and continuous hard work, there would be no Home Instead. For this reason, Home Instead recently took the decision to amend our carer's job title from 'CAREGivers' to 'Care Professionals.' We believe this title better reflects the role and professionalism on display, and encapsulates the spirit of a Home Instead carer.

We recently held a team meeting for all of our Care Professionals to explain the reason behind the name changes. The meeting also served as an opportunity for our office staff to catch up with Care Professionals, and share thoughts and ideas on ambitions for the company.

There was also a brief awards ceremony for a few of our Care Professionals who have reached important milestones in their Home Instead career, such as Syed who has achieved 7 years of service, and Karen, who successfully completed the Home Instead Dementia Training Programme.

Well done to all Care Professionals involved!