"It was like having medicine with her walking through the front door. The medicine of smiles and banishment of feeling insular or down." - MR R.H describing his CAREGiver Mirene ’’

Daughter in law of client

"Management and CAREGivers are very professional, attentive, adaptable, willing and kind in all levels"

Daughter of Client Mr. Kl.

“At a time when the care-giving sector is stretched and often given unfair press coverage; we were delighted with every aspect of support that we received from Home Instead. My father was well looked after and definitely is in a better position, thanks to his carers. So thank you very much.”

Compliment from Daughter, Client LCM.

"I just want to add what a fantastic carer, and person, Syed is. He is gentle, yet firm with my father and always gets the job done.

Most recently, he managed to complete a task that none of us could achieve to do. Quite how Syed managed we do not know!

I thought you should know he is truly dedicated and not just a carer, but ‘caring’."

Ms. J.B., Daughter of Client Mr. S.A.

I would just like to mention Manisha, who we have found to be most helpful. She has been in regular contact since our first meeting and has kept us fully informed of any delays and changes, whilst trying to accommodate our needs.

Mr. RH

Mirene is wonderful, there is nothing to improve within her service. She is a very fast worker and has a delightful attitude. I'm very pleased as only one caregiver was given throughout this time. Cannot flaw it at all!

Client's daughter

"I believe the care is going well and the carers are making a positive difference supporting my mother. I really appreciate that."

Son in law of client

"Completely satisfied. Service has been of great benefit to client"

Daughter in law and husband of client

"Company is approachable, willing to listen. Carers work with respect and care at all times. Supportive of family"

Daughter of client

"Excellent communications with agency and the carers. On time always, good relation with my dad."

CAREGiver Justina's Client

I have found Justina excellent. Mum enjoys seeing her and she has done so much round the house too. Justina is a wonderful support. Certainly has made a big difference.

Mr D.E.

Overall the quality of care is good. Staff are reliable turning up and are punctual. The sitting service is fairly easy for them.

Mr. J H's Son

Present experience is good, very happy with present carer, would not like her to be replaced.

Mr Edward Johnson

I consider you to have given me very good service on the whole, since I first became a client 3 years ago.

Mrs. Hammond

Often my visits to mum coincide with the Home Instead Senior CAREGiver Sonia. I am very impressed with her - it is lovely to see the gentleness with which she interacts with mum and the care she takes with her. Mum seems to respond well to her too.

Mrs Burt

Very conscientious and caring CAREGivers that help with house keeping - much appreciated.

Mr Billins

Very happy with the care and all CAREGivers that have attended me.

Zoe - CAREGiver

I like working for Home Instead Senior Care as the hours I do let me work around my second job.

Ziza - CAREGiver

I feel that Home Instead Senior Care is a great place to work because it provides the training you need to do the job and has a great team of staff, that do their best to match clients with the appropriate CAREGivers. We are also uplifted by motivational texts sent from the office. We are free to express our concerns in our sit downs that are scheduled appropriately.

Olushola - CAREGiver

Good team work.

Cashimira - CAREGiver

I have a great time working with Home Instead Senior Care. I have met a lot of people and made new friends. I've also gained new skills and the learning is just fabulous. I love my job and love my clients too.

Yolanda - CAREGiver

Working at Home Instead Senior Care is a great opportunity to work as a CAREGiver. Before we start our job or before they send us to our client we are given full training and advice on how to care for vulnerable people. Home Instead Senior Care is very helpful in all areas.

Judy - CAREGiver

They are flexible with the hours and friendly to work for.

Kippy - CAREGiver

The staff here are absolutely lovely. They are friendly and accommodating and make you feel very welcomed and special.

Emily - CAREGiver

Shifts are flexible, pay is good and staff are friendly and helpful.

Taira - CAREGiver

As a mother of three young children, Home Instead Senior Care has given me an opportunity to work and also be there for my children by working part time. It has also given me the opportunity to better myself and do something for myself, while also making a difference to my clients' lives.

Goddiah - CAREGiver

You work with different clients, therefore you learn about different health needs and different ways of dealing with them. It's a good confidence booster in enhancing interpersonal skills and makes you feel like you're really helping disadvantaged clients, as well as helping to keep their quality of life satisfactory.

Veneranda - CAREGiver

Home Instead Senior Care has good values in caring, as well as delivering with compassion and patience.

Areg - CAREGiver

Well organised.

Mr. C R

We have found Home Instead professional and helpful. Their carers are empathetic and supportive.

Mrs P G

I have been receiving service from you for a few years now. I am happy with the CAREGivers and the care they provide. I have a good relationship with the CAREGivers, such as Jashuben. I also find the service to be very helpful, such as the cooking and meal preparations.

Mr JH's Daughter -Ms. TM

I wanted to thank you for the service that my dad has been receiving from your care workers and particularly Carole. She really cheers him up and he enjoys chatting to her.

Community Fete - Visitor

I have heard about Home Instead Senior Care and that you're England's number one top care company.

Top 10 CAREGiver and Family Resource Websites

Life as a CAREGiver can sometimes be demanding and tough. Finding appropriate care for your loved one may be even tougher. By seeking out information, many online sources have proven to be supportive to CAREGivers and families and even advantageous. Whether you’re looking for information on caregiving, types of support available or personal blogs and experiences from CAREGivers themselves, you may find our list on the Top 10 CAREGiver and Family Resource Websites to be of good use.

1) CaregiverStress - Is a resource from Home Instead Senior Care, where it aims to help CAREGivers manage stress while also providing helpful resources during times you may need further assistance. They explore topics on financial issues, fitness and nutrition, senior housing and care options, and senior safety. Articles, resources, and videos are provided to help CAREGivers face any issues they may happen to come upon.

Website: http://www.caregiverstress.com/

2) Get meals at home (meals on wheels) - Searches councils and other local organisations that may provide and deliver meals to your home, if you meet eligibility requirements. By entering your post code, you will be taken to your local council which will provide more information on meal deliveries.

Website: https://www.gov.uk/meals-home

3) NHS – Your guide to care and support - Provides a guide for both clients and CAREGivers on assessing their care needs, care at home, carer’s allowance, benefits for carers, and young carer’s rights.

Website: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/social-care-and-support-guide/Pages/what-is-social-care.aspx

4) Helpguide - Helps give family caregivers tips for making caring easier. They provide explanations on how to accept your feelings, taking care of yourself, and breaking down the emotional, social and recreational and physical needs family CAREGivers may require.

Website: Helpguide.org

5) TransitionAgingParents - Provides an insightful look on aging parents and the challenges of helping an aging parent as a caregiver. The website also provides various blog entries on finding the right medical alerts, alternatives to nursing homes, travelling with Alzheimer’s and more!

Website: http://www.transitionagingparents.com/welcome/

6) Alzheimer’s Society – A care and research charity for people with dementia. They provide information and support to people affected, their CAREGivers, and loved ones. They provide information on what Alzheimer’s disease is, a dementia guide, types of dementia, daily living, help with care, staying independent, and legal and financial information.

Website: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/

7) DementiaToday - Provides the latest daily news and views on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias involved. Caregiving, long term care, legal information, money matters, elder abuse and many other topics are available on their website.

Website: http://dementiatoday.com/

8) IndependentAge – Offers advice and support for those of older age, touching on topics such as care and support, housing options, personal life, money and future planning.

Website: https://www.independentage.org/

9) CarersTrust – A charity aimed for carers on action, help and advice. They provide information on various issues such as money and benefits, carer’s assessment, and getting a break.

Website: https://carers.org/

10) TheCaregiverSpace – Is a community of online caregivers who can support each other by asking each other questions, sharing experiences and dealing with stress. The website helps users to find comfort by writing to caregivers who may be going through similar issues. You can create your own profile, meet other caregivers, read experiences of other caregivers and ask questions in the forums.

Website: http://thecaregiverspace.org/

Mr C from Hanwell

Dear Tony,

May I take this opportunity to thank you and your company for all the help and assistance you have given to my parents since we first made this care arrangement. My sister says that you were very understanding when she called your company to inform about the death of our father. I also believe that you had a representative at my dad’s funeral last Tuesday 6th June. That was very good of your company. Sadly I did not get to meet that person as I was a bit preoccupied.

I heard very good feedback from my parents about all your employees who came round to care for them, but special thanks go to Denise Foster, who I had the chance to meet once while visiting my parents. My parents both said how wonderful she was to them.

Thanks again – Wishing your company well. Keep up the good work.


I genuinely did enjoy my time with Home Instead. Not only were the clients a pleasure to work with, but fellow employees made my time unforgetable.

Joyce A

I was very glad to meet you today: have already decided that if I ever find myself in need of support at home, my local branch of Homeinstead will be my first port of call!

Client RS and Cousin LS

We would like to express our gratitude for the care that you and all your team gave to my cousin over the past three and a half years. We would be grateful if you could extend our thanks to all your members of staff who were involved with the administrative and physical care of my cousin. We believe that it is important that they are aware of the fantastic work they performed and how much it was appreciated.

During the period that we were using your services there were only minor problems and when there were they were rectified immediately. In my mind the sign of a well-run and staffed company. Manisha was very instrumental in setting up care and Zoe Holland was the most trustworthy and sympathetic carer you could wish for.

Jane and Gill

We and Mum were very fortunate in having such a good care team over the two years period before she moved. Nada in particular was a very stable and loving part of that team, thank you so much. Any client she supports is very fortunate.

Mrs JM from West Ealing

A big 'thank you' for your supporting care for my mother Mrs WH over 2012-2014. Home Instead is always professional and good at keeping us informed, and arranging carers who were really nice with mum.

Ms Ajit S - Southall

My girls (CAREGivers) are wise and sensible. My girls are always thinking of me and I have nothing to worry about. It feels as though I have daughters instead of the CAREGivers! As soon as they walk through the door, they have a massive smile of thier face. I don't feel like I'm getting a personal care service but as though my own family is taking care of me. Thank You Home Instead.

Mrs Jean S from Ealing

 CAREGiver Lisa supports Jean in many ways, but she also goes the extra mile. Jean was on the hunt for a gardener but could not find anyone. Lisa, in her own time researched gardeners and got many quotes. She found the ideal gardener with the ideal price. Jean and her family were very happy with Lisa's efforts

Mr Andy W from Ealing

Off to a great start and I am seeing drastic changes of improvements with the Home Instead CAREGivers. Home Instead Senior Care has turned into a lively man who is very active. If it wasn't for Home Instead's encouragement, I would still be where I was in the start. I really believe Home Instead took me out of the dark.

Mrs Irene H from Osterley

I would like to just also put in writing what a joy Karin is to work with, she is always smiling and Irene instantly took a liking to her. Sam is brilliant too, very quick and efficient and I am sure she will be an absolutely fabulous nurse.

Mr John O - Acton

My appreciation also to you (Care Manager and Ria) both on the organizational side of things. Most dealings were with Ria, who always seemed so cheerful despite all my emails with changes! I couldn't ask for a more flexible staff that allows me to have flexible hours around the time that suits me! The office and the CAREGivers have always understood me so well!

Mrs Claire C - Ealing

HISC has been brilliant to my mum and me. The enthusiastic care company in Ealing always keeps my needs at the highest priority which is a fantastic feeling! I wanted my mum to have 24 hours care, 7 days a week and now I have a lovely consistant carer who stays with us and it feels as though she is part of the family.

Mrs Josaphine H from Ealing

I would not trust any other carer to take me out apart from HISC carers. I am tension free. HISC have been marvellous and I could not have asked for any other company.

Mr John B from Ealing

Brilliant match for my mother. I applaud everything Home Instead does for my mother. Thier Personal Care service is the most efficient one I have experienced. Me and my mother are both exceptionally happy with Home Instead. Although my mother is getting a Personal Care service, it feels as though Home Instead does all tasks in one! Thank you to Home Instead!

Mr Sean

Home Instead Ealing staff are fantastic in what they do! I love watching films so me and my carer sit together with a bowl of popcorn and watch the film! It's great to have companionship service from Home Instead. I never feel alone anymore. Furthermore, me and my consistant carer do the gardening together - which is one of my hobbies! We both have one thing in common - We both love Lillies!

Ms Agnes S from West Ealing

I am very happy with the organisation and the carers they have provided me. My personal care is kept at high priority with Home Instead Senior Care Ealing and I respect that. My carers are very efficient as they arrive on time and complete all tasks as required. I am very satisfied with Home Instead.

Mr David B from Ealing

From time to time carers get poorly themselves. One carer did fall ill and could not go to their client’s house. They rang the office and asked on a regular basis when they will return to work. "We miss her ever so much."

Mrs Sandra W - Hayes

I am very happy with the carers provided for my mum, they are all wonderful. They make sure my mother is comfortable and that she gets her hot tea in the evening. I don't have to worry about her when Home Instead are around. They are a wonderful helping hand!

Mr Dick G - Hounslow

The carers and service has been absolutely great, they are very attentive, they pick up on little things and always inform me. They are a great team. The Home Instead carers come and visit me on my normal schedule in the morning by making sure that I am comfortable in my space and preparing my breakfast. Within my local area of Hounslow, there are shops where I get my regular newspaper and the home instead carers delightfully get the newspaper for me - I couldn't ask for anything better!