For Our CAREGivers & Family Carers - You need to take care too!

Its the Little Things that we do that make a difference
Its the Little Things that we do that make a difference

People become carers for many reasons. Anyone that cares for somebody is likely to have many unanswered questions regarding both the care they are giving to their loved one and the care they owe themselves.

Here are some top tips to help you become the best carer you can be. Remember, it is very important that you have someone to turn to when the going gets tough.

1)      Help them feel good: A new haircut or item of clothing can do wonders for your loved one’s confidence and self-worth, so don’t forget to treat them every now and again.

2)      Be patient:  It can often take time to get into a consistent care routine. Keeping calm and patient will allow this to happen whilst also respecting your loved one’s dignity and independence. We can help with this, if you are not sure where to start . It may be a case of us providing an hours care to your loved one, which in turn gives you some much needed "me" time.

3)      Accept that they have changed:  The person you care for is unlikely to be the person you know them to be. Accepting this change will help you to stay in the here and now and give the best care possible. We have many resources available, to help you to better understand the challenges that these changes can bring. Please ask us for more information, we will be happy to help in any way we can.

4)      Take a guilt free break:  Allowing yourself some alone time to unwind a few times each month will help you to recognise and provide a much better quality of care. Sometimes, just an hour to have a cup of tea, or a cold drink, whilst reading the paper or a magazine, can give you a much needed break.

5)      Accept help: In order to properly take care of someone else, you need to also be able to take care of yourself. When people offer to help you, it’s okay to accept it. You need to take care too ! Please call us for more information on ways that we can help . We dont just provide care, we provide companionship and the opportunity for you to take some time out, whilst knowing that your relative is in safe hands.

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