A day in the life of a Home Instead CAREGiver

A day in the life of a Home Instead CAREGiver

Care comes in many forms.

At Home Instead, we believe that care knows no borders. Care is between family, friends, and perfect strangers. At Home Instead, we make it our business to treat each of our clients – and their family – with the same care we’d give to our own family.

This is an ethos instilled into our origins and each of our CAREGivers. And every day, our team get to share this care with each of their clients.

Michelle’s story

Meet Michelle Neurbronner, she joined Home Instead as a carer in October 2020 after being made redundant from her 10-year tenure as a receptionist. 

Like so many of us, COVID has impacted life and work in a way that could never be anticipated. So, when Michelle was made redundant, she used the opportunity as a time to try something she’d always been interested in; that thing was caring.

“I’ve never done it before”, says Michelle. “I felt redundant when my son left school at 16… I felt like I wasn’t needed and that he didn’t want me; it was a mourning process. I needed to feel needed again and this job does this and more for me”.

Michelle tells us how she stumbled across the Home Instead opportunity, saying how one day she was getting her nails done with a friend who works with Home Instead and that’s when inspiration struck.       

“I thought this is my ideal opportunity now to try something new, so I phoned up and asked if they had any opportunities and they did… and I haven’t looked back since.

I like helping people and this just utilises my skills entirely”, Michelle says.

Michelle carries onto say how supported she feels by Home Instead.

When she was training for the role, Michelle had this to say: “We did it over three days – we’ve done additional training since then, we’ve done CPR training and online training. I feel like they’re Home Instead teaching me how to do the job properly, and I’ve got full back-up from the office”.

A typical day for a Home Instead Carer

For Michelle, her day starts in the morning with a home visit to a client. This type of visit for Michelle is one of personal care – this entails having a chat, getting the client ready for the day, assisting with any exercise, and general cleaning.

Of course, care is an individual need. What care might look like for one client will look different for another.

Another client I see is so different to the previous two clients... Everybody is different. Every call is different. It’s just lovely, sometimes you laugh, sometimes they bring a little tear to your eye, they melt your heart”, Michelle tells us.

Michelle visits clients in the morning, and then also in the evening. She tells us that “it’s nice, I get to go home and do dinner for my family… and then go out and see my clients; so, it fits in nicely. But because it’s a great job, I don’t feel like I’m working”.

Sometimes our Home Instead staff may be on a personal care visit, others, a companionship visit, these visits may include listening to records, making breakfast, or going on a little walk.

Each day is different. And each client the Home Instead staff visits is different from the last, and as such, the care they require reflects that.

If you’re interested in joining our team, you can apply for a job here. And if you’re still unsure, take it from Michelle: “Everyone should do caring”.