Work by Home Instead to Support Alzheimer's Clients

Owner and Director Jean Allen teaching at a Family Workshop
Owner and Director Jean Allen teaching at a Family Workshop

At Home Instead our work to support Alzheimer Clients involves many activities. Firstly we give our caregivers training in their induction course followed by a City and Guilds certified 2-day course later in the year. Secondly, we run Alzheimer Workshops in our local community for anyone affected by Alzheimer’s. This is a two-part workshop that gives an overview of Alzheimer’s and simple and caring techniques to care for someone with this disease. Thirdly we actively promote the work of the Alzheimer’s Society, Admiral Nurses, Dementia UK and also carer’s organisations.  By doing this we hope our clients and their families access the support they need.  And finally, we maintain a resource file containing many useful resources for the client or family such as date and time clocks and colour coded tableware.

With our support, clients with Alzheimer’s are able to not only continue living at home, but also have the quality of life they deserve. Receiving consistent well-planned care, based on their current routines and given by people they trust, makes a huge difference to someone struggling with memory loss. As the disease progresses, the time to consider residential care may arrive and we will support the family to move on to this stage.

We are always happy to share our resources and experience with anyone affected by Alzheimer’s – people do not have to be our clients to access our support. Of course, we are pleased if they wish to become our clients but our main goal is to increase the public’s knowledge of the help and support available to them.  Surveys have shown that memory loss is one of the most feared problems in the ageing process. We understand this and work with people to provide support to reduce that fear

We have two training workshops about Alzheimer’s that are booked for September and October

  1. Alzheimer Workshop for Family and Friends
    This is a two-part workshop, each two hours and both will be held at St Marys Parish Church, Old Road, Frinton. Part One is Tuesday 27th October 2016, 10-12 midday. Part Two is Tuesday 4th October, 10-12 midday.
  2. Alzheimer City and Guilds Course for Caregivers
    This is a two-day workshop and will be held Wednesday 5th October and Thursday 6th October 2016. This one is only open to Home Instead Caregivers

The Alzheimer’s Workshop for Family and Friends is open to the public and there are a couple of spaces left.  If you would like to book a place please contact Jean Allen at Home Instead on 01255 672 269