Take a Break. ideas for Carers

Take a break!
Take a break!

It’s a fast-paced world out there and many of us probably burn the candle at both ends on a regular basis. This is definitely true for carers whose work is often round the clock. Everyone, but everyone, needs a break to recharge their batteries. What prevents many is the amount of effort and planning that goes into making that break happen. Speaking as one who has built a business and had mostly ‘holidays at home’, I can testify to how good one can feel after a proper break. I now schedule ‘personal work time’ each day to plan time out for myself and chip away at the things I have to do to make it happen. This is not easy, at the end of a work day, all I want to do is relax and not do more planning. However, I realise the investment is worth it. If you are a carer, you too need to put in the ‘homework’ needed to make a break or holiday happen. Once refreshed you may also want to organise a break for you and the one you care for – this too is possible. Here are some suggestions along with details of companies that can help.

Take an afternoon off

One to two afternoons of free time a week, can help a carer hold on to who they are. They can go shopping, pursue a hobby or just meet friends for a coffee. Any domiciliary care company and also some carer support organisations can provide a carer to look after the person needing help while the carer goes out. As a bonus, having care this way, allows people to get used to having ‘strangers’ in their home and accepting help. As time moves on and they need more help, it is then less daunting to accept.

Go mad and take a whole week off

If a carer wants to have a week off, respite care can be arranged for their loved one. This can be done by that person going into residential care, or, by having a live-in carer come to the home. Live in care companies will provide carers for holiday cover.

Go away together: go on a day trip!

As the age-old saying says ‘a change is as good as a rest.’ A day away from your normal environment can give you quite a boost. There are companies which will provide day trips with support personnel available to assist those with mobility or health needs. A person who needs care could go alone or both they and their carer could go and both enjoy the change of scenery.

Go away together: go on a ‘proper’ holiday together

Both the person needing care and their carer can go away on a ‘supported holiday.’ This can be a short break or a week or two. There are centres that combine being a holiday venue with care support and equipment on hand. The goal is to provide a holiday to both parties. Nurse led support is available.



Afternoon off

Any domiciliary care company such as ours, Home Instead Senior care (01255 672 269)

Carer Support: Crossroads Caring for Carers (01255 860 960)

Week Break

Residential Homes. Most residential homes will have one to two ‘respite beds’ available. For a full list obtain a copy of the Social Care Directory from Social Services

Live in Care Companies: Christies Care (01728 605 000) The Good Care Group (08000 234 220)

Day Trips

Jen’s Journeys (01255 258 343)

Holidays together

Revitalise (0303 303 0145)