Saffron Building Society Care about Dementia clients

In our local population here in Frinton, we have a large proportion of elderly people and consequently there are many with memory problems. Dementia is the name for a number of disorders that affect the memory and most of us have heard of and know a little about the most common form of dementia which is Alzheimers

On Saturday staff from the Saffron Building Society in Connaught Avenue gave up their time to attend a workshop at Home Instead which helped them understand Alzheimers and how to support their clients who are affected by it. Wanting to go the extra mile for your clients makes all the difference and can make a bad day into a good one to someone struggling with their memory. It shows you are not just about business, but you are about people.

Well done to, Sarah Brand, Sarah Bartholowmew-Keen, Oliver Topnan and Luke Platt who are pictured here. 

Other local businesses who want to show they care in this way can contact Jean Allen at Home Instead on 01255 672 269