One Third of the Elderly's gift at Christmas is Loneliness

A lonely gift at Christmas
A lonely gift at Christmas

One Third of Older People in the UK are affected by loneliness at Christmas

Research by Friends of the Elderly shows that 35% of all older people are affected by loneliness at Christmas. They are calling upon people to hold local Christmas activities so no older person will be alone on Christmas Day unless they want to be. As official partners of Community Christmas for 2015, national charity Friends of the Elderly hopes that more people than ever will get involved as around 500,000* older people in the UK are predicted to spend Christmas Day alone.

Steve Allen, Chief Executive at Friends of the Elderly, said: “Friends of the Elderly is delighted to be working with Community Christmas this year to support older people facing Christmas alone. We know that loneliness can have a devastating impact on older people’s lives and those we work with tell us that becoming isolated from a community they were once part of can be especially difficult. That’s why we’re calling on individuals, organisations and businesses to put on activities on Christmas Day to bring together older people in their community who don’t want to be alone.”

Home Instead work diligently with clients and their families to ensure the former are cared for and supported at Christmas. We are happy to adapt the care schedule so we fit in with their family visits or we support trips out to Christmas events. Each client receives a gift and a signed card from staff to show we are thinking of them and appreciate their custom