Just Listen to Me!

The following is a true story

My 82-year mother, called Phyllis, had repeated urinary tract infections. Each one made her feel very ill, required up to three different types of antibiotics to cure and took another three weeks to fully recover from. No sooner had she got over one infection that she got another

I decided to get help quickly and arranged for her to see a consultant privately and have some basic tests. The test results were all normal but the consultant did find she would benefit from a vaginal cream to make the lining more healthy and resistant to infection. A lesson for all us mature ladies to learn, after the menopause the vagina is no longer acidic and it becomes a good place for bugs to grow. The nasty little bugs then travel the short distance from vagina to the urethra and head on up to the bladder to cause a urinary tract infection (UTI)

At our consultation meeting to receive these results, my mother asked a few questions and we made a plan to follow the simple treatment plan and review in six months time. Should my mother get more than one UTI in that time, we would come back sooner

I expected my mother to be disappointed with this outcome – just a vaginal cream! However she was very happy.

The point of my story is to tell you what she was happy WITH

She said to me “it was so nice to be listened to and heard, instead of being rushed ”

I was surprised and touched by this comment. I took away a valuable lesson (besides how to prevent UTI’s for us mature women) Many times, above all else, people just want to be heard.