If you parent your parents, who parents you?

It is well known that many women in their forties and fifties have care duties on two fronts, for their teenage children and for their parents as the latters needs increase. But what if you have no children?  Of course, one does not have children so they can be your latter year carers, and many of our clients report having children does not mean one is not lonely. People without children worry about who will care and advocate for them when they are feeling the effects of age; after all it is an increasingly complex society.

At Home Instead here we try to reach out to the families of our clients. Those that are carers we give information about Carers organisations such as Essex Carers Support or Crossroads Caring for Carers. To those who are struggling to care for their parents without the support of a family or grown children here are two sites that might help

Here are two sites specifically targetted at those of us who are knocking on the door of retirement and do not have children

'Ageing Without Children'   http://awoc.org/

'Gateway Women'   http://gateway-women.com/  (sorry men!)

Please do contact us at the office if you find any other useful sites such as these