Personal Care Services in Clacton, Frinton & Walton

We assist adults with all levels of personal care. This may be to assist an elderly person to have a shower twice a week or to help a person disabled from a chronic disease such as MS or Parkinson’s to get washed and dressed every morning. We build on our clients strengths and encourage them to maintain their independence by doing as much for themselves as possible with us carefully stepping in where needed.


Personal Care Services;

  • Help with bathing


  • Assist with dressing


  • Provide grooming


  • Help with incontinence care


  • Assist with eating


  • Dementia care


  • Alzheimer's care


  • Provide respite care


  • Provide convalescence care


  • Provide medication reminders


  • Assist with morning/wake up


  • Assist with evening/tuck in 

Our caregivers are local to Clacton, Frinton and Walton and we can support clients year round.