Meet the Team
Louise Halls

Louise Halls: Head of Client Experience

Louise is our Head of Client Experience and she manages all aspects of client services to ensure we give professional, compassionate, tailor made care and support, constantly reviewing ongoing care needs to provide the best possible client experience.  Louise is a calm, safe pair of hands, always supportive and highly professional.

Wendy Chapman

Wendy Chapman: Client Experience Manager

Wendy is the Client Experience Manager and supports Louise in developing and tailoring care packages that suit the needs and lifestyle of each client, responding to clients ongoing care needs and issues so they are well supported and kept safe in their home. Wendy has an excellent memory and never forgets a face and name.

Tracey Page

Tracey Page: Client Experience Administrator

Tracey is our Client Experience Administrator and she works alongside Louise and the wider team to assist in the smooth running of client services.  Her caring, practical nature and solid support makes her perfect for this role.

Liz Garner

Liz Garner: Compliance Co-ordinator

Liz is our Compliance Co-ordinator and it's her role to audit our Home Instead systems to make sure we maintain accurate client and care professional records which in turn helps ensure our clients receive appropriate support and a high quality service.  Liz's attention to detail means she's well suited to keeping us on track to meeting the many different standards we have to adhere to.

Gaynor Woodford

Gaynor Woodford: Compliance Officer

Gaynor works alongside Liz, our Compliance Co-ordinator to help ensure our clients receive the highest level of care and support.  Gaynor visits our clients and their loved ones to hear about their experiences of our care, to ensure we are doing our absolute best and look at how we can do better.  We have lots of standards we have to maintain and records that we have to keep to work safely, so Liz and Gaynor are always checking that we follow these, you might say they 'dot our i's and cross our t's'.

Tracey Towey

Tracey Towey: Senior Care Coordinator

Tracey is the Senior Care Coordinator and is responsible for ensuring that the right care professional goes to the right client at the right time.  We know this as scheduling! Tracey does her best to ensure both clients and care professionals are happy and their needs met and she does this with care, a smile and plenty of common sense.

Marie Dawtry

Marie Dawtry: Care Co-Ordinator

Marie works alongside Tracey, our Senior Care Co-ordinator and together they plan and schedule each client's care call.  It's a lot more complex than it sounds!  We work hard to gain as much information about each client as we can, so that we can identify appropriately matched Care Professionals.  We also have the needs of our Care Professionals to consider too, so Tracey and Marie are adept at juggling priorities and working hard to keep both clients and Care Professionals happy. 

Caroline Lindsey- Halls

Caroline Lindsey-Halls: Learning and Development Trainer

Caroline is our Learning and Development Trainer, supporting our Care Professionals in gaining and maintaining the skills and knowledge needed to provide safe, first-class care and support to our clients.  A registered manager, Caroline brings a wealth of experience to the Home Instead team having had a long and varied career in healthcare, she's worked with clients with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)  and older adults, so our staff and clients are in safe hands.

Nicki Cailes

Nicki Cailes: HR and Recruitment Manager

Nicki is our HR and Recruitment Manager, it's Nicki's job to oversee the recruitment process, staff training and to ensure that all of our company processes are compliant with employment regulations. 

Jo Darvill

Jo Darvill: Office Administrator

Jo is our Office Administrator and she looks after the team as a whole ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the office, so on the surface Jo looks calm and in control but under the water her feet are paddling like crazy. 

Jo Thorne

Jo Thorne: Communications and Engagement Officer

Jo is one of our Communications and Engagement Officers alongside Maria, their job is to help raise awareness of the services we provide and the wonderful work that our Care Professionals do everyday, as well as engaging with our partner organisations to look at new opportunities to help people retain their quality of life. Jo's favourite part of the job is to bring a story to life whether that's about a Care Professional, a client or a volunteer, she likes to shine a spotlight on the wonderful human beings out there.

Maria Eastwood

Maria Eastwood: Communications and Engagement Officer

Maria is one of our Communications and Engagement Officers along with Jo.  They work together to look at how we can be champions of compassion within our communities, networking with partner organisations and the wonderful local charities and volunteers that already reach out to reduce loneliness and isolation particularly among our older residents.  They also look out for sponsorship opportunities and organise events to celebrate the fantastic care and support Home Instead provides.  Maria is creative and loves meeting new people.

Ben Gardiner

Ben Gardiner: General Manager

Ben is our General Manager and joined Home Instead in November 2021. He is responsible for the overall management of our growing company including operational and business development. Ben previously worked as a regional support manager for a home care franchise and brings a wealth of experience to the Frinton, Clacton & Walton team.

Jean Allen

Jean Allen: Franchise Owner

Jean is the owner and business manager for this service. She is a nurse and a midwife and has worked in care all her career, including a 15 year stint in developing countries such as Iraq and Kosovo. To such ends she is used to high pressure work and dealing with peoples’ needs that vary from the basic to the complex. Jean's goal for this service is for it to be a valuable resource for the community and to deliver a high quality service that is highly professional and reliable. Her goal for her staff, office and Care Professionals, is that they feel valued and respected.