Home Instead staff benefit from our Skills Escalator

As part of the  2016/17 business plan, our employee development programme and approach to continuous improvement, Home Instead West Lancashire and Chorley have issued a ‘Skills Escalator’, which is based upon Skills for Care leadership quality framework and will support staff with their career development.

Having already briefly successfully piloted the escalator earlier in the year, the framework is based upon the Skills for Care leadership quality Framework and the structure of the leadership framework developed by the NHS, which includes five areas in which all social care professionals need to demonstrate leadership and two which apply specifically to senior staff. They are called Dimensions.

The seven Dimensions within the Framework are:

1 Demonstrating personal qualities

2 Working with others

3 Managing services

4 Improving services

5 Setting direction

6 Creating the vision

7 Delivering the strategy

Gail Godson Co-owner and Director goes on to say ‘The importance of leadership to the future of the adult care sector and our business at Home Instead makes it vital that the Framework has practical applicability. Raising awareness of the need for good leadership across social care sector is just the first step. Only when these principles are embedded in the way we carry out our roles will genuine progress have been made across the sector. Our Home Instead West Lancashire and Chorley framework therefore starts by setting out, in a clear and accessible way, the building blocks of career succession and leadership. It describes the qualities exhibited by successful leaders, explains their specific relevance in social care setting and shows how they play out at each level within adult social care.

The Framework is based around the principles of co-production, personalisation and community-based support, providing a guide across care.

Taken as a whole, the Leadership Qualities Framework provides an excellent benchmark against which to measure current leadership capability and to create targeted development plans.

This framework can be utilised by our staff who are looking to progress their skills and career, this will provide the best possible opportunity to benchmark individual skills and formulate a clear career path and goals in social care. This framework going forward can also be used as part of our formal appraisal and supervision process.

A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home