Changes in the commissioning of adult care; 'Personalisation' support in the form of a new Community Brokerage scheme for home care in Lancashire.

Lancashire County Council (LCC) is thought to have awarded its Community Brokerage service for home care services across Lancashire to Salvere, a social enterprise and Community Interest Company (CIC) which is part of the Pure Innovations Ltd. Group of companies.

Due to commence sometime in early 2013, this new service will be phased in over the next two or three years and will hopefully see an end to the current, and outdated ‘preferred provider scheme’. Salvere will be working in partnership with Lancashire County Council and numerous other community stakeholders such as Home Instead to develop, implement and operate a quality Community Brokerage service model. 

As a recognised local provider of high quality care services, Home Instead is delighted to offer support to both LCC and Salvere in this exciting new development which should eventually enable individuals in our local community to obtain the maximum value, personal support and benefit from the transition to personalisation, in care and support. 

Robert Godson Director of Home Instead offers his thoughts “Everyone knows that today’s system is failing vulnerable adults by not living up to the basic expectations of those who rely upon it, this exciting Lancashire wide initiative comes at a time when the Central Coalition Government is also pushing on with The Draft Care and Support Bill, containing the national agenda for change and reform of care and support. 

Guided by a number of principles, The Government now recognises that there is an acute need for a modern care and support system that is responsive to people’s needs and promotes well-being.  It must be fair and sustainable in the long-term, and provide high quality care and support to all adults who need it “. 

The Principles include: 

The health, well-being, independence and rights of individuals are at the heart of care and support; timely and effective interventions help to ensure a good quality of life for longer. 

People are treated with dignity and respect and are safe from abuse and neglect; everybody must play a part in making this happen. 

Personalisation is achieved when a person has real choice and control over their care and support they need to achieve their goals, to live a fulfilling life, and be connected with society. 

The skills, resources and networks in every community are harnessed and strengthened to support people to live well, and contribute to their communities where they can and wish to. 

Carers are recognised for their vital contribution to society, are supported to reach their full potential and lead the lives they want. 

A caring, skilled and valued workforce delivers quality care and support in partnership with individuals, families and communities.    

Robert Godson goes on to say, ” We welcome many of the sentiments contained within the Draft Care and Support Bill, the key principles can already be found in everything we do. At the same time we recognise the vision and bold decision taken by LCC to move away from and disband the antiquated ‘preferred provider scheme’, which today does very little to value the skilled workforce, restricts individuals choice, is primarily driven by price and I feel does not place sufficient emphasis on the consistency and quality of the actual care service”. 

Going forward, the overhaul of the existing law that underpins care and support is long overdue and further urgent changes must take place to benefit individuals in our local communities. The Government acknowledge that the current legal frame work dates back over 60 years, to the post –war period! and it is complex. It is not clear what people are entitled to, and the system is hard to understand and navigate. 


A group of Home Instead CAREGivers talking
Family welcoming a Home Instead care manager into their home