CAREGiver Quarterly Meeting - June 2016

Superhero Sue Wright
Superhero Sue Wright

The second of our quarterly staff meetings in 2016 was held on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th June , this quarters agenda covered :

Happy Birthday Day - The Queen who was celebrating her 90th Birthday with three days of special events and to mark the occasion Home Instead gave away ‘Bring Joy pins’ and a donation of £60.00 will be made by Gail & Robert to the Bring Joy Foundation established by Trevor and Sam Brocklebank founders of Home Instead Senior Care in the UK , Bring Joy specialises in supporting good causes, events and outings , primarily for the elderly.

PEAQ 2016 Client & Staff Survey. - Update

Lessons learnt - use of Black pens, inappropriate use of abbreviations like A.W.O.L., more clarity in client logs and medication levels and a thought provoking and challenging medication quiz.

Holiday & Sickness - policy and procedure.

Mental Capacity Act Guide – a ‘skills for care’ guide .

People Planner – New IT System

IQ Timecard – Timely and effective usage.

Alzheimer’s Society Cupcake day 16th June – Staff awareness, participation & fundraising event.

Superhero of the Quarter Award – Congratulations to Sue Wright, voted Superhero for ‘going the extra mile’ and demonstrating respect, care and compassion, well-done Sue.

Six Month reflection in an open letter - Business plan 2016/17, goals and objectives for the year ahead, 'respect' for our clients and one each other  through to the more complex like stakeholder engagement but individually and as a whole their entire aim and objective is to enhance the service quality and experience for our Clients and CAREGiver staff , focusing on training & skills development for our new and existing staff, sustainable growth in staff and client numbers , engagement with local stakeholders and where possible the on-going enhancement of our high quality day to day care services and reputation in our local community.

Already in the first half of 2016 we have ; internally promoted 'home grown timber ' into a number of key management and supervisory positions , over thirty eight new clients and their families will have placed their trust in us , we have welcomed forty new staff who have signed up to be ambassadors for our service and Home Instead in the community including the addition of two new apprenticeships , this has led to over 2,250  hours of staff training and development including CAREGiver support & shadowing, literally hundreds of key player hours have been dedicated to client & family reviews and individual staff support visits / appraisals , our new mentoring program just piloted and launched recently is designed to assist , support and help our new staff during their vital induction period and this will see our commitment in 'time and resource' increased to support staff development and retention.

We are also continuing to target the on-going development of our key players, specific awareness training programs in both the EFQM and RADA models, including quality and continuous improvement have been delivered by calling upon in-house resources, National Office and external third party consultancy training and support.

Separately our new CAREGiver staff in 2016 have commenced and or have already completed the Care Certificate , staff across all levels who share our similar ethos have demonstrated their passion for skills development and committed to complete QCF's 2,3 & 5 in health and social care, working closely with an external facilitator and or with West Lancs College  our two new apprentices will be shortly embarking upon business administration qualifications , finally our City & Guilds recognised Dementia training programme run by Gail is well underway , congratulations go to Cath Pealing, Ray Rawlinson, Harriet Reeve and Vicky Amos who have just finished theirs and we are already hearing about the benefits these new found skills are delivering , at this point you might be aware our goal , as part of our commitment to The Prime Minister’s 2020 Challenge on Dementia , this is to have over 50 % of our staff  trained to this level, in dementia, during 2016/17, so do please contact me , Jessica or Lynne Bradshaw Head of CAREGiver Experience if you feel this would benefit you, at this stage of your CAREGiver career.

From the top down, as we continue to develop and grow incrementally , we are committed to breaking down our service into ' bite sized manageable chunks ' and by calling upon our day to day focus and experience, client reviews, staff appraisals , open door policy, KPI's, benchmarking best practice , professional third party advice, use of statistics including financial and transparent incident reporting , independent surveys of clients and staff etc etc we are as individuals and as a team identifying performance gaps, opportunities,  challenges and areas for continuous improvement.

One such example is our commitment  to recruit a new key player 'scheduler / quality lead ' , having reviewed our incident reports (ongoing and specifically over the last 6 months) and personally held meetings separately with a number of CAREGivers and taken advice and valuable support from Lynne Bradshaw our passionate Head of CAREGiver Experience , I feel  this new appointment will help make a major impact and leap forward in quality, hopefully it will eliminate a number of the unnecessary errors and challenging issues we have recently seen in both Client and individual CAREGiver schedules and in turn have a very positive and pro-active impact upon our consistency and general service quality for our lovely clients and equally importantly enhance the CAREGiver experience, although our 'incident / error rate ' is less than 1% and continues to reduce , just one incident / error can make us all feel desperately disappointed and is, unacceptable. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Leanne Berkley who has kindly agreed to take up this position and we know she will be able to count upon everyone’s valuable support.

Enhancements and successes from our continuous improvement approach in 2016 already include; increased investment in HR activities including recruitment, training & skills development ,over 6% enhancement in basic wage rates,  a mentoring  programme for new staff, a skills escalator for career development ,our special Superhero of the quarter recognition and financial award , the Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2016  , a substantial financial increase in our refer a friend scheme, the production of a Free Community Guide containing activities to help prevent social isolation for our clients and the wider members of the community, a joint client / community initiative aimed at helping mobility , supporting hobbies/ interests  and reducing social isolation, improved social media content and targeting on web sites such as YouTube, Indeed, Facebook & Twitter, membership of The North West Chamber of Commerce, presentations to local and national stakeholders including Age UK Lancashire ,Owls Business Network, West Lancs CCG & various NHS teams,  given a  significant financial donation to AgeUK Lancashire to support their vital community services, been invited to judge 'The West Lancashire Apprentice of The Year' 2016 , given support and advice at careers and jobs fairs at our local West Lancs & Runshaw Colleges and  Job Centres in Ormskirk & Chorley, Non-Exec Board membership of Healthwatch Lancashire, invited to join West Lancashire Ageing Well Partnership, received a 'Charter ' recognising our local skills development from West Lancashire Borough Council , enhanced  internal transparency and incident reporting,  improved staff retention numbers, seen a reduction in CAREGiver medication errors , introduced an enhanced nutritional guide for clients, gained improvements in our KPI 'on time and complete ' performance and helped in the making of a short community information film on behalf of our regulator the CQC , which has already gained over 860 views on YouTube.

We are proud that this focus on quality and the opportunity to influence continuous improvement is available to everyone , this responsibility at Home Instead West Lancashire and Chorley does not sit with just one person or department alone, it  helps our business leaders and key players to take soundings and inform their day to day approach and where necessary take appropriate and immediate corrective action , it also contributes to the medium and long term thinking , allowing horizon scanning and giving us the opportunity to reflect 'post-it notes ' and make medium and long term decisions that will help to shape the quality of our services, business goals and potential success in the future , taking Home Instead West Lancashire and Chorley from a tier one organisation to a tier two and possibly beyond.

Prior experience in embedding a quality culture and ethos has helped us to recognise that this will be a potentially long journey, more a Marathon than a Sprint.Home Instead West Lancashire and Chorley was opened in 2012 (with our own version of the ' Mums Test ' ) we have been able to reflect upon this four year period of time as just the start of our quality and continuous improvement journey, from those humble beginnings we continue to remain optimistic and excited for the future , as the culture and ethos of quality and continuous improvement embeds further into our organisation in the coming days, weeks, months and years ahead, delivering an enhanced quality of service on behalf of our growing number of valued clients and their families.

Amy closed all the three meetings ( two Friday and one Saturday ) by thanking everyone for their continued  support, professionalism and contribution which is greatly valued and appreciated, as she look forward to reviewing highs & any lows and celebrating further successes , at the next quarterly staff meeting, in September.




Meds Quiz
Meds Quiz

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