Respite Care Services

There are over 6 million people in the UK who provide care for a loved one. It can happen gradually as your loved one gets older or suddenly, as a result of ill health, where unexpectedly you find yourself as the primary carer. The cost of Dementia to the UK alone is £23Bn, the value to the UK of the work done by family carers is £8Bn, when you factor in all the family care that is done at home, the figures are astronomical. 

Your loved one, other family members and close friends depend on you. Your commitment, love and support are constantly being tested. However, this great responsibility is very likely to possibly have a detrimental effect on many aspects of your own life health & well-being. Some carers have to leave their jobs in order to care for their loved one, this will add financial worry. Caring for a loved one can be very pressurising and cause distress; you did not plan on being a carer or were not given any training manuals for this, it is not a 9-5 job Monday – Friday and it can sometimes be very hard to take a break, away from the relentlessness. Focusing on your loved one, you might neglect your own health, miss out doctor’s appointments, and remove yourself from social gatherings as you will feel that you can’t leave them on their own.

Not only do you deserve a regular break, but also it’s really important that you recharge your physical and emotional batteries. It’s critical that you take the time to care for yourself — doctor’s appointments, counselling sessions or support group meetings — to ensure you’re not getting rundown and to allow yourself time to relax,  pursue hobbies and activities that give you enjoyment.

Take a break. Our respite care program is a wonderful solution when you go on holiday, or attend an out-of-town event. Whether you need time to shop, attend a child’s school event, or have lunch with friends, Home Instead  CAREGivers are ready to step in. Our Respite Care Services allow you to relax, knowing your loved one is well cared for in your absence. While respite care at home can’t change your loved one’s situation, it can significantly improve your ability to deal with the situation and handle challenges in a positive way.

Tailor made to suit your needs. Home Instead provides a tailored respite care at home to suit your needs. Care at home can be provided daily, weekly or as needed. We are happy to arrange care for just a few hours, overnight or 24-hour care, on a regular basis or just to cover while you’re away. While giving yourself a break our CAREGivers will follow a carefully prepared care plan tailor made to suit your loved one’s needs and preferences.

We are also happy to accept Vouchers as part of the Lancashire County Council Adult and Community Services Directorate, Short Break Scheme.