Rapid Response Service

We provide high quality post - operative home care services for people who have to go into hospital for a planned operation or emergency procedure. We can visit people in their own homes prior to going into hospital to ensure that a person centred care plan is developed in line with any specialist care requirements which may need to be taken into account of, for the individual post operatively / procedure.

Individuals patients can either have their needs assessed before they have entered hospital for scheduled operations or the moment when they are deemed medically fit for discharge. Post-operative / discharge this partnership approach is about providing peace of mind before, during and after the hospital stay. It also takes away the worry about how people will cope at home after, for example, heart surgery or a hip replacement etc and it supports local clinicians.

In conjunction with the local hospital, our aim at Home Instead is to provide a comprehensive approach to post-operative care, a high quality service which is flexible to react to both the needs of the patient and the local hospital. This flexible high quality service also allows the local health care community additional time to focus upon the correct medium and long term care solutions.

As a leader in non-medical care, Home Instead works to support our local community and their desire to lead healthy, independent lives at home. Therefore, we are able to work with hospitals and other health care professional to engage the strategic use of non-medical care to help patients make a safe, happier and more successful transition from hospital to home.