CAREGiver Dementia Story

Dementia and how to enhance the lives of those living with it, is something I am very passionate about.

My first client when I started with Home Instead Charnwood, was living with dementia, with her husband. I spent lovely visits talking about her childhood growing up in the war, her fathers allotment and so many other things. We used to bake once a week. She was never able to remember the baking sessions we did, so I started a scrapbook, which her daughter kindly bought and I took photo's of EVERYTHING! 

A whole years worth of the garden and its changes, our cooking pictures or other activities we did and our one outing to Watermead Park to feed the birds.

We looked at books specially made for people with memory loss, and postcards she had collected through the years, prompting holiday memories.

The scrapbook was cherished and we looked at it often, always with new eyes! As the conversations we had were always told with new ears each time. Recently she has been moved to a care home and I know the scrapbook went with her and I hope someone looks at it with her now. 

Although she could not remember the things she did with me, I know that at that moment in time, she was happy so all good for the well being of her.

Patience and treating the person with respect always. Looking at old photo's or even things in a persons home.

I recently noticed ceramics in a clients home and recognised some pieces. It turns out many years ago we attended the same night school class making them!

Taking the time to listen about their earlier life I find often prompts memories and therefore both myself, and my client, are happily working together.
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