5 Best Local Parks and Gardens in Cardiff

Being out in the fresh air is great for mental health and well-being. Why not visit so of our recommendations on local parks and gardens in Cardiff.

As we go through life it is important to keep up an active lifestyle. Not only does this help to maintain physical abilities it can be great for the mind as well. Why not start to add a weekly park visit into your routine and if you enjoy it make it more regular.

Cardiff has a lot to offer and plenty of places to go which will keep you and your elderly loved one or friend busy for weeks to come.

Thompsons Park

Located in Canton you will find Thompsons Park. Some might know it more by its old name of Sir David’s Field. This park is one of Cardiff’s oldest parks, opening in 1891, which has a lovely mix between open grass areas, woodland and planting. Plenty of seating is around the park to be able to sit and admire the iconic water foundation.

Open from 7:30am until 30 minutes before sunset gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy this peaceful place. Parking is available on surrounding streets.

Bute Park

Bute Park is one of the largest parks in Cardiff on the edge of the city centre. Bute Park once formed the grounds of Cardiff Castle but the Castle only takes up part of the grounds today. This park would need plenty of trips to enjoy every part due to its size but there is plenty to discover. From woodland, grassland and wood cravings to name a few.

The park is open from 7:30am until 30 minutes before sunset all year around to enjoy Cardiff in every season. Throughout the park there is plenty of seating, eatery’s and toilet facilities. You could also look to use the water taxi down to Cardiff Bay on one of your day trips.

Park scene with clear blue sky, trees, a path, benches, and people walking and sitting, including a cyclist in the distance. - Home Instead

Fairwater Park

Located in Fairwater is Fairwater Park. This park is mostly open with a wooded steep-sided valet to the north-west side of the park. The park is a small size which make it perfect for a short walk. If you walk up the slight incline of the park to higher grounds you will be rewarded with almost 360° panoramic views of Cardiff.

On a clear day you might be able to see further towards the Bristol Channel or the South Wales Valleys. Here is parking on the streets close by or the train station is just east of the park itself.

Victoria Park

Again in Canton you will find Victoria Park known for being a very traditional park. The park still contains the original model boating and paddling pool which remains in use today. Victoria park has receive a Green Flag Award of how well maintained it is, along with a few other parks in Cardiff. You might have also seen this park already on TV as it has been used at a location for filming various programmes. Mainly Doctor Who.

The park is open from 7:30am until 03 minutes before sunset all year around. There is also parking on the surrounding streets. You will also find a cast iron bandstand in the park which is a replica of the originally installed bandstand back from 1897. There are public toilets and refreshment kiosks which are opening throughout the year.

Parc Cefn Onn - Lisvane

On the edge of Lisvane, on the Northern border of Cardiff, is Parc Cefn Onn. This park is a grade 2 listed historical park which has a huge collection of native and exotic trees. There is plenty of wildlife to see here as well in the streams, ponds and woodlands. Again this is a park to enjoy in all four seasons.

The park is opening from 7am until 30 minutes before sunset with parking on site which is free to use. There are plenty of different routes to explore depending on what sort of walk you are looking to have on the day. Plenty of benches and seating area to take a picnic along with you.

A wooden bridge with railing crosses a stream in a lush, green park under a clear, vivid blue sky. - Home Instead

Alexandra Gardens

Alexandra Gardens dates back to the 1903 and contains the Welsh National War Memorial. The gardens are formal and laid out in a geometric style. This park is a perfect place for reflection. As well as the War Memorial there are places that are dedicated to individuals who have donated their organs. The park is close to the National Museum in Cardiff and the city centre. This park is sure to not disappoint in layout and calmness.

There is plenty of green open spaces in Cardiff to take your loved ones out for a healthy walk away from the noise of town. You have so much choice to choose from. Pick one to start with and plan to make your way through all of them. Which will be your favourite?

Find out more about the benefits of home care in Cardiff for your elderly loved ones or get in touch today if you’d like to know if it could be right for you.