Electronic Care Management

Here at Home Instead Basingstoke we consider the best possible monitoring and control of care to be one of the most important factors in providing a high quality service.  To achieve “state of the art” management of the care provided, we now use an electronic, cloud based system called Access Care Planning (formerly Mobizio).  

ACP enhances the quality of care by enabling us to monitor care visits,  including medication, and address any issues arising, all in near “real time”. 

The CAREGiver logs into the client visit on her mobile phone to access the information needed to provide the necessary care.  The CAREGiver will then see a list of activities and medication, and must work through these, mark them as complete or incomplete, and add a visit wellbeing comment, before being able to end the visit.  The CAREGiver will see clear details of medication requirements, including dosage and other instructions. Incident forms to record any accidents or other significant events can also be completed electronically.  The information can be spoken in rather than typed, making use of voice to text transcription, allowing CAREGivers to spend less time completing forms and more time delivering care.  Once the visit has been ended on the system, all information goes automatically straight to the office, giving the care management team the ability to monitor visits in near real time.   

We can reassure our clients that the system is secure.  Information is only available to the CAREGiver allocated for the visit, and is only accessible within a narrow window of time.  No client information can be downloaded or stored by CAREGivers on their mobile phones – they simply use the phone to access information stored remotely on the ACP platform.  In the event of any problems, such as the mobile device being lost or stolen, the device can be blocked from accessing any information.  ACP dispenses with the need for confidential care-related information to be kept in paper files in the client’s home, where it could be mislaid, destroyed or seen by unauthorised visitors.

The care management team in the office have a display showing all visits due, in progress and completed, and can see if any visits are late or extended.  As soon as the CAREGiver has ended the visit, the full record of that visit, including details of medication given, is visible to the team; any missed medication automatically triggers an alert.  The team can straight away address any missed medication, missed tasks or other anomalies.  Medication requirements can be updated remotely as soon as changes to a client’s medication have been received. 

Families can be given secure access via a mobile device, enabling them to log in and see who the CAREGivers will be and when they will be visiting.  They will then be able to see  records of the visit at the same time as those records are visible to our care management team.