Any Old Clothes ?

Ingrid, our celebrity cook whose fudge recipe was used on the Bring Joy Christmas cards, has now organised a highly successful jumble sale in aid of the Bring Joy Foundation. For several months CAREGivers and friends brought jumble into the office, where we stored it in ever growing piles. A local community hall was booked and flyers sent out to the local community, then on a very wet Saturday in Autumn the team and their families mustered for the event. Natasha and friends provided much needed muscle to transport the goods to the hall, Stacey and Natasha made cakes, and Jane, Sally, Naomi, Natalie, Linda and others manned the stalls. Over £400 was raised on the day and the surplus jumble was sold for recycling to Phil The Bag, bringing in a total of £486.

The proceeds have been donated to The Bring Joy Foundation, who fund events, activities and pastimes that can make a big difference to the lives of older people.
Jane selling cakes