Amazing Satisfaction Survey Results for 2019

Our objective is to provide a service which clients really value and appreciate, through CAREGivers who get genuine job satisfaction from delivering excellent care to grateful clients. Once again we have tested our success through our independent annual survey of the views of both clients and CAREGivers. We are very proud of our results, which demonstrate that we continue to excel as a relationship-led provider of premium home care services.

Of our clients:
95% said their CAREGivers were properly introduced before they started work
89% said their CAREGivers were well matched to their needs
95% said their CAREGivers arrived on time
100% said the office team are responsive to any queries
100% would recommend Home Instead

Of our CAREGivers:
95% said they were proud to work for Home Instead
92% said they were given enough time to deliver the desired levels of client care
93% said they would recommend Home Instead as a great place to work
93% gave the top score for their initial and ongoing training
98% said they could see why Home Instead is different from other care companies

Here are some of the comments made by our clients in their survey responses:

  • To all the team at Basingstoke, I think you are superb in your professional and caring approach to my mother, and your understanding and support to me is greatly appreciated. I simply cannot recommend you highly enough, and am grateful beyond words.  
  • I am pleased with the four carers who come to help me, they suit me very well.
  • Helen really understands B’s needs.
  • Very happy with the care and attention provided by Nikki, Jane and Linda.
  • Mags makes such a difference. She has understanding, empathy and is always a happy and lovely lady.
  • Tina is excellent.
  • Thank you to Nikki, Linda and Theresa. I was very grateful for all the care given to John and the kindness to us both.
  • Thank you so much Carol, Alison & Stacey for the care you give to my mum. 

And here are some of the comments made by our CAREGivers in their responses:

  • It is a wonderful place to work. You are fully supported by an amazing office support and management and I know that I am making a difference in someone else's life.
    • Their values. Their visit times. Their understanding of clients’ needs. They care.
    • It is rewarding, I like the way that the agency is run and I like how I am able to support people at home.
    • Home Instead are different to any other care company. They genuinely care about what they do and will go the extra mile for Caregivers and clients. I find that I can make a difference by working for this company and would not change it for the world. The office support me which allows me to support my clients.
    • They are caring, compassionate and extremely efficient towards clients and staff.
    • Feeling like I make a difference.
    • I love the people I work with, they are appreciative of my efforts and it means I am more than happy to go the extra mile to help. I enjoy working for this company, and feel very lucky to be a part of such an incredible team.
    • It’s how care should be.
    • The staff care first and foremost for their CAREGivers. It’s a very rewarding job, it also gives a great insight into dementia so we can sympathise and understand the condition which our clients deal with in their daily lives. We are also given sufficient training and given details on new clients. As I have stated, Home Instead is a very caring company with great team support, so I thoroughly enjoy my job.
    • The company is well run by a group of individuals who are passionate about providing top quality care and support. They 100% take care of the needs of the clients and the employees. Genuinely a pleasure to work for.
    • I’ve worked for other care companies and none of them are anywhere near the brilliance of Home Instead.

Basingstoke PEAQ 2019 Infographic