Meet the team

Photo of Bob Nicholson

Bob Nicholson - Director

My background was in construction, but I also worked for a nationwide care home operator for several years where I came to appreciate the value of care and the difference that good care can make to the lives of clients. 

When I decided to make a career change, home care was a route which offered me the opportunity to make a positive difference in the community whilst gaining great personal satisfaction.

We set up the Basingstoke office of Home Instead to introduce a home care service which we believe is unique to this area – in the values that we hold, the service that we strive to provide and the resulting benefits we bring to our clients and their families, and also in the employment opportunities we create for local people who share our vision and wish to work in the caring profession.   

For more information on our approach to home care please see Our High Quality Care Services, or to discuss how we might help you or a loved one please do give us a call on 01256 840 660 – we are always here to help.

Photo of Mary Selim

Mary Selim - Care Manager

After qualifying as a mental nurse in London, I spent my early career in nursing and then, from 1997, ran my own home care businesses in Basingstoke.

I am passionate about delivering the best possible quality of service to each individual so as to help our clients retain their independence and continue to lead rewarding lives at home.  I found Home Instead to hold the same values and ethos towards caring for people that governed my own businesses, and was pleased to take up this opportunity to join an international organisation with such high standards and a unique approach to home care. 

Home Instead is different – we meet each client personally, we focus on our clients’ needs and those of their families, we choose CAREGivers who are passionate about quality of care and match them to our clients, we give our CAREGivers initial and ongoing training, and we recognise the importance of continuity in the care provided.

My role includes establishing a client’s requirements and ensuring that we maintain the highest quality of care in satisfying those requirements, as well as managing and training our CAREGivers.


Photo of Sally Regan

Sally Regan - Operations Manager

I started my career training people in the retail business, and then moved into dentistry as a dental receptionist, assistant practice manager, dental nurse and dental sedation nurse. I was working mainly as a pharmacy dispenser when I took on a part time job as a CAREGiver with Home Instead Basingstoke at the beginning of 2015. Home Instead then asked me to join them full time to manage their recruitment and training programme, which I do in conjunction with a bit of CAREGiving.

I find my background in training to be very useful in supporting Home Instead’s ethos of ongoing personal development, which we offer to all our CAREGivers through a series of relevant training sessions given by visiting specialists and individual study courses from several local providers.  

My pharmaceutical background also comes in handy in delivering our medication administration training. I learnt sign language for family reasons, and stand ready to make use of it for any Home Instead clients if necessary.

We are growing rapidly and I find it hugely rewarding to be recruiting and training the fantastic people that we need. Not only do we make a difference to our clients’ lives, but I see the satisfaction that a caring role gives to our CAREGivers, and it can change their lives too !

Do please contact us if you feel that a role as a CAREGiver might be for you.

Photo of Theresa Walker

Theresa Walker - Deputy Care Manager & Weekend Supervisor

I started my career as a private nanny before taking a break to raise my family. When I returned to work I spent a few years in retail and then moved into the care industry 17 years ago.

I started doing home care and then moved into support work for clients with learning difficulties. A few years ago my father developed cancer and I came to appreciate what a valuable service carers provide, both to the client and to the rest of the family. Inspired, I moved back into home care.

What a shock I got! Visits were now typically just 30 minutes, with a list of tasks which were impossible to complete conscientiously in the time, and certainly no time to try to relate to the client as a person. The last straw was when 15 minute calls came in – they always ran over and we spent as much time travelling as we spent providing a service.

My daughter saw Home Instead on Facebook and when I met them I realised that they really did embody what I thought home care ought to be – at least an hour with each client, regular clients, and an ethos which positively encourages us to provide social interaction and build relationships.

Home Instead asked me to join them, initially as a CAREGiver and then as a member of the management team providing support and liaison to caregivers and weekend supervision, as well as having some of my own clients.

Photo of Karen Camille

Karen Camille - Deputy Care Manager

I started my career in the computing industry in Basingstoke, on a YTS scheme at the tender age of 16.  

After a break to start my family, I went to work in the care industry, initially at The North Hampshire Hospital on the stroke rehabilitation ward.  I absolutely loved the job and made some lifelong friends along the way.  Since then, I have also worked for South Central Ambulance Service, and at Southern Health NHS Continence Service as a continence advisor.  My experiences, both in the workplace and in my personal life, have all come together amazingly in my current role with Home Instead in Basingstoke, which is another job I absolutely love.  I really look forward to Monday mornings, which is the best feeling in the world.

I have five grown up children, and a four year old grandson, who all contribute to keeping me busy - and young of course!

As Deputy Care Manager I strive to be a positive role model for our CAREGivers and a good ambassador to clients, staff and families.  I love the Home Instead approach to home care, and the genuine support that the office team provide to our care team in the field, as they in turn provide genuinely compassionate support to our lovely clients.  

I love my Home Instead family, we are an amazing team.  If you want to feel valued in your work, please come and see us, we would love to meet you.

Photo of Kelly Downes

Kelly Downes - Care Coordinator and Scheduler

Caring for others has always been very natural for me.  Looking after my great grandmother as a teenager sparked a genuine interest, and that is when my physical and emotional caring skills began to develop.

After a brief spell in retail I took up caring as a career, initially working in sheltered housing.  I then moved into homecare, mainly as a carer but also providing managerial support.  I found that caring bought me so much joy, being able to promote people's independence by offering support and encouragement.  Not only did I know I was making a difference to their lives, but it was fantastic hearing all the stories and sharing lots of laughter!

I've always been a people person; my love for people and the passion to become a carer is founded on my nan.  She had a huge heart which was never too full to offer a bit more care, and she was the most amazing carer and inspiration to our family.  I subsequently became her carer myself, when she was diagnosed with cancer, and she continued to inspire me in so many ways even through the really tough times.

After a career break to start my family, I joined Home Instead as a CAREGiver, and have recently become the care coordinator and scheduler.  In this role I liaise with clients, CAREGivers and others, and schedule the care visits.  I can honestly say that I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to connect with people on a daily basis, and I am fortunate to have the support and encouragement of a fantastic team!

Photo of Denise Pratt

Denise Pratt - HR Manager

Since the age of 18, I have always been involved in caring roles and spent 15 very happy years at the North Hampshire Hospital on elderly care and orthopaedic wards.  It was here that I learnt about the value of person-centred care and how to put the patient at the heart of how we cared for them.  I worked closely with patients with dementia and found this the most rewarding and enjoyable part of my role.

I then worked for Basingstoke College of Technology for 18 years where I supported learners to achieve their NVQs in Care.  This was a great opportunity to continue promoting good quality care, and enabled me to share my knowledge and experience with others.

I got to know Home Instead in my role as Head of Workplace Learning at the college, and always found myself looking forward to each engagement with the company and its people.  I loved the passion that Home Instead’s CAREGivers showed about their clients, so when I needed a change of career direction, it was a natural reaction to enquire about a post with them.

I worked initially as a CAREGiver but was asked to take on more senior roles, assisting with training and then the broader HR role.  I can honestly say that I am the happiest now I have ever been in a job. The company’s commitment to our clients is second to none, and I am proud and privileged to be part of such an amazing and dedicated team.

Photo of Jess Wright

Jess Wright - Care Coordinator

Caring has always been in my blood, since I was very young.  After school and college, I worked in childcare - I loved my time with the children, but wanted to expand my experience of care.

I found Home Instead in 2018 and started off as a CAREGiver.  I was then offered an office role as a Care Co-ordinator. I have really found myself here, and feel blessed to be working with such an amazing team whilst doing a job I enjoy so much.

I think it is important to spend time with the older generation, whose lives have been so interesting and who lived through what for me is part of history.  I love to hear our clients’ stories, their experiences in the previous century, the jobs they had and the families they brought up.  I find it fascinating to learn how the World used to be and how very different life was when our clients were young.  To see couples who met in their teens, and are still so in-love now, is really special and heart-warming - they are the generation that made life safe for us, and made the world what it is today.  To be supporting that generation, and to be part of the bigger picture of making care at home more accessible, is truly satisfying.

Our high octane community engagement team

Community Engagement Team

Meet Deanah Lincoln, Sally Regan (see above) and Janet Walker, who make up our "high octane" community engagement team.  Together Sally, Janet and Deanah arrange and run our community events such as our seated exercise sessions, Let's Move and our scams awareness presentations.

To enquire about joining in Let's Move or arranging a scams awareness presentation please contact Sally on 01256 840660, email [email protected], or Janet on 07540 975 094, email [email protected]

What People Say

"Home Instead Basingstoke are very friendly, professional and conscientious. They have provided wonderful home visits and care for my mother who is in her nineties. She enjoys their visits and they are very caring and friendly. The care staff are very good and the management team run the organisation very well in my experience, and they have all been flexible and understanding and very dependable. They have maintained their high standards consistently despite the huge challenges that Covid has added to their workload. We are very grateful for the service they provide." - Mr GP

"We are overwhelmed with the sheer professionalism and humanity that your agency provide. You have proved to be very flexible and treat my mother with such respect and dignity. It is giving my brothers  and sisters and I, finally, a little bit of peace of mind for the times when we cannot be with mum. For that, we cannot thank you enough." - Mrs JO