wishing you all well, thanking you for your care for our dear aunt Mary. Moira, Sandra, Jennie, Louise, Joanna and others. From all Mary's nieces, nephews and family. ’’

Mrs N (clients daughter)

"Thanks for your calls yesterday; it's good to know Mum is being cared for thoughtfully....Despite Mum not believing that she needs help with anything I think the company is doing her good. Thank you."

A brilliant thank you from a client.

I am David 's wife and only see Mary infrequently. I am a retired health visitor, nurse and midwife and I have read your emails regularly as I'm on 'the list'!

All of us know how much confidence you have given us, the family, in our decisions about letting Mary stay at home despite her increasing loss of faculties. You have shown great power of observation, persistence, and empathy with Mary and we will miss you greatly as we have grown to rely on you to be our eyes and ears. As soon as you are back on rota, we relax!

However, I'm delighted that you have a promotion as you deserve it. You are a credit to Home Instead and I know that if you ever decided to become a nurse, you would be brilliant. To improve the career progression of carers like you is close to my heart, but at the moment you totally undervalued!

Thank you so much for the care and dedication you have given Mary. I know all of us wish you every success and blessing in the future. If you ever need a reference, don't hesitate to ask. We would all be willing to recommend you.

Mr. P (Client's Son)

End of service review. (Client moved away)

With my mother's approval we have collectively decided that this is the best course for her for now, but I would like to thank you and particularly the carers - Arun, Linda and latterly Camilla for their care of mum on their visits. I think that the level of service and care provided can be thoroughly recommended.

Ms. W's Son-in-Law

I am client name's son-in-law. My wife is their daughter. We live in New York.

I write to thank you for your kind help to this remarkable couple. Our friend, conveyed to us how quickly and efficiently you jumped into the breach to help my in-laws. We are deeply grateful.

Mrs C's son

Apologies for being so slow to send huge thanks to the team at Home Instead.  It's obviously been another big change for my mum but, now that she's had some time to get used to the idea, I can send positive news that she's settling in really well at Cooperscroft.  Considering how resistant she'd always been regarding a move into a Care Home she does seem to be enjoying the benefits of 24 hour supervision and care in a safer environment.  I'm sure she misses the special one-one relationship she had with Linda and Penny but she is becoming more sociable again and joining in with various activities and the other residents. Home Instead came highly recommended and more than lived up to their well-deserved excellent reputation.  Not only were all of my mum's carers kind, patient, reliable, and highly efficient; the team at the office were also extremely supportive - particularly at those times when my mum's behaviour became very challenging and a cause of increased concern for her family and friends.  I've copied in Louise as she was, on a number of occasions, a very reassuring and immensely helpful point of contact when trying to decide on the best course of action.  It's clear that a lot of people are going to find themselves with a parent who can't cope alone but wishes to retain some kind of independence.  I only hope they too are as lucky as I was in finding a company as wonderfully supportive as Home Instead. Once again, I'm so sorry that Linda and Penny's relationship with my mum ended so abruptly. Can you please make sure that they both know how deeply grateful I am for the enormous contribution they made in enabling my mum to enjoy a few more years in her own home.  She wasn't always easy but if she was her old self I know she would want to thank them too. Many, many thanks.  And kindest regards. 

Ms. W (Client Family)

I would like to thank all the carers at Home Instead for the time they gave supporting Client to remain at home, his CAREGivers deserve particular mention as they both excellent in carrying out their duties and showed great respect and compassion.

Ms. B (Local Nurse)

I'm very impressed with your service as we have the same passion to make a difference and to create awareness about Dementia.

Mr. F (Client's Son)

Dear Dale. Just to say that my mother is very happy with the care arrangement that you / Louise have put in place for her - with M and L in particular. We're very happy for them to both continue visiting for the next few weeks.Thank you so much!

Ms. J

Dear (CareGiver)I am so sorry not to have seen you again before Rosalind moved yesterday. I think she will be writing to you herself, but I would like to do so as well to thank you again for the kindness, care and friendship you have given her during the relatively short time that you have been part of her life. You made a huge difference, not only to her, but to Ruth and to me - knowing she was seeing you every weekday and that we could depend on your care. We all feel that you are a very special person. We were so lucky that you were the one who came to Rosalind's aid and we deeply appreciate all that you have done.

Sloan (CAREGiver)

Dear Louise (Care Manager)When you started to help with Ms. C, I did not for one minute imagine I would be able to report such a wonderful story. You have pushed for all the professionals involved with Ms. C to help which has resulted in her being given a new medication - and also a team feel to helping Ms. C.This Saturday, with Jennifer arriving on time, we helped Ms. C into the bath. With very little aggression, she sat in the bath smiling, asked in English if we could give her the soap, followed by a “thank you very much.” She then relaxed and washed herself even noticing that her toenails were dirty. I was so happy that I called Mario upstairs and he, Jennifer and I watched with wonder (and a tear in our eyes) at a sight none of us ever believed possible. This was followed by Sunday when Ms. C actually laughed and smiled as I folded up curtains with her, she even dressed herself with a bit of help and encouragement.There are times when I have wondered over the last year if you really can make a difference and this is proof of what can be achieved.I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year with Home Instead and wish you all a very Happy Christmas, hope you have lots of fun and the New Year brings everything you could wish for.Sloan x x

Ms. S (Client's Daughter)

We wanted to say a huge thank you to you for organising the care so quickly and efficiently. You covered detail and made suggestions we hadn't thought of. Special thanks to (CAREGiver) who we all adored. She was a breath of fresh air everyday when we were all feeling down and tired and certainly bucked Dads spirits up. She used her own initiative to fill the time and managed to complete so many tasks happily. I'm quite sure without (CAREGiver's) help, mum would have been ill again.

J. (clients children)

Thank you Home Instead and thank you (CAREGiver.) Our mother clearly thinks of (CAREGiver) as a real friend!

L Family

Many thanks to all the committed staff at Home Instead. From day one you were reliable and co-operative. Your constant contact meant a great deal and gave us peace of mind knowing that you could be relied upon to provide assistance.

Ms. A (relative of client)

The care given was all we could have hoped for. Your carers really care. That is the difference between you and other providers. Your whole package was 100% better than our previous provider. Thank you!

Mr. M (client)

Your CAREGivers far exceeded what I could have thought possible. Three people so varied in manner and background, yet so engaging in conversation and dependable in practice.

Ms. M

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how wonderful Mum and Dad's carer is. She is so lovely, friendly, very patient, always has a smile on her face and her level of care is amazing. She always makes sure my parents are well looked after. - My parents think the world of her.

Family participated in Training

Thank you very much for taking your time in teaching us, we feel we have learnt loads in such a short time!

Ms G (client)

She (CAREGiver) is a real blessing to have, I have written to you to let you know how much of a gem (CAREGiver) has been.

W Family (clients relatives)

Your consideration and flexibility were truly wonderful and gave us great peace of mind when Aunt was so adamant that she would stay at home. You all made that wish possible. 

Ms. G (clients daughter)

Mum has truly benefited from the gentle care and attention that has come her way via your team of carers.

Mrs. M (clients wife), Palmers Green

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance given by all the carers over the past few months to my dear husband. Grateful thanks to all the office staff for their sympathetic assistance at all times.

Ms. B (clients wife), Hadley Wood

I can't imagine what we would have done without the wonderful care we received from Phoebe, Irene and Pramudi. Their kindness and care was everything we could wish for. It meant so much to us and helped us through a very sad and difficult time for all of us.

Ms. P (clients daughter), Wood Green

I have been exceedingly happy with the service provided by Home Instead and I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to everyone there. They have been wonderful in supporting me in my efforts to keep mum at home.

Ms. L (Metropolitan Police)

I know a couple of your carers, and have seen them in action. They are a credit to themselves and your organisation, so it's good to see you all getting the recognition in a field that I feel is often overlooked.

Mrs. P, Bourne End

I have been exceedingly happy with the service provided by Home Instead and I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks to everyone there. They have been wonderful in supporting me in my efforts to keep mum at home. I have no hesitation in recommending Home Instead and in fact I have already done so. Thank you again for your very professional and caring service and for all the support your staff and carers have given my mother.

Mr L (clients wife), Cricklewood

Our caregivers exceeded my expectations when the end came close. I could not have asked for more support and no job, however large, was too much... The three of them made this part of my life and the end of my wife's life acceptable and dignified.

Ms. H (clients daughter), Muswell Hill

Mum so looked forward to the visits from the girls at Home Instead - not forgetting Usha's fantastic cooking! Mum loved a laugh and a chat.

Ms J (clients neighbour), Enfield

Justine has been a friend and companion, providing good food and general personal care to our neighbour whose health and appearance has changed remarkably and is able to cope with life again.

Ms S (clients daughter), Barnet

We would like to thank each and every one of you for all the love, care and support given to Mum. Mum really appreciated the help given to her by her carers and we valued this more than you can know.

Ms F (clients daughter), East Finchley

To date, words aren't enough to describe the happiness I feel to see that with Anthia's dedication and hard work, she and my mother have established a strong relationship which no one has been able to do. To the point that my mother cannot be without Anthia! She is now getting my mother to do things that she didn't do before. With Anthia's assistance, my mother is able to go outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Mrs W (clients wife), Temple Fortune

... To cement the sense of companionship, we finish the hour with a cup of coffee and a chat which always works out well. All of this is accompanied by a good sense of humour, and Paul and Ronnie have a achieved a good working relationship.

Mrs F (clients wife, now current client), Barnet

He made good friends with my husband who died nearly a year ago and has since that time been a source of tremendous comfort and delight to us all. He is hard-working and thorough, cheerful and good-tempered. He is very intelligent and a joy to have in the house.

Mr R (clients husband), East Barnet

Mary was a wonderful carer who was always cheerful, kind and gentle and who my wife was very fond of. I could not wish for anyone better. In fact you could not find any better.

Ms C (clients daughter), Edgware

I am grateful that Home Instead has provided a lady with the right personal skills, kindness, patience, as well as experience with Dementia, so that I can be confident that my mother is safe with her and having a happy time. My mother and I both trust her as a person and a professional. She is doing a wonderful job, supporting not only my mother, but me too.

Mrs M (clients daughter), Colindale

As a daughter it is often a concern for me if my father is unable to settle with people he comes into contact with. However Mary has become like a member of my father's extended family.