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This is just a short snippet from ‘Breaking the Ice’ page10 in our 'Live Well, your way' magazine. John is introducing Dementia Conversations - at Bowdon Vale Methodist Church...

...“I remember vividly the first time I shared our story at Dementia Conversations*.  To talk about my wife’s condition for the first time in front of her and to a group of 15 people - most of whom I already knew - it was still terrifying. Once I started I couldn't stop.  The sheer relief.  I wasn't on my own anymore. 

I've learnt how to ask for help from our wide circle of friends at the Church. Our morning helpers from Home Instead have become good friends.   After all they provide me with someone to talk to every morning as well as providing the help to get Elizabeth ready for the day.  We also have both increased our circle of friends through the various groups we attend. 

Through just talking and listening to others I’ve come a long way in my understanding of the disease, its consequent behaviour and the wide range of help that is “out there.”  I am fully aware that every situation is different and brings its own unique set of difficulties. But really don’t be afraid or shy (as I was) to “Break that Ice.” Get someone to help you with it the first time.  After all, you really have nothing to lose and given the situation, much to gain.  Really.”  kindly shared by John

To read the whole article and use this Link here and scroll through the live well, your way magazine to page 10.

*Dementia Conversations - Bowdon Vale Methodist Church, WA14 3BQ every 2nd Tues 2-4pm 07976018418

If you would like to know more about Home Instead's care at home please call the team on 0161 870 1136
Johns Dairy Dementia Conversations in Live well, your way Magazine