How Home Instead Romford Changed My Life

My journey began as a CAREGiver earlier in July this year (2020) when my previous role in another company had come to an end due to the outbreak of coronavirus. I hadn’t thought much about it or considered a career in care, but, when I saw the Home Instead job advertisement I was intrigued and thought I would give it a go. 

I haven’t looked back and the only thing I regret is not doing this sooner! 

Previously, I had worked in customer service and as a receptionist for my local surgery, I enjoyed those roles, especially at the surgery as I got to talk and learn more about the characters of their patients. 

With Home Instead Romford I’ve had an incredible journey so far, right from the very start everything has been exciting and different. 

Firstly, I never thought I would have to do an interview via zoom, but I did it and I must admit, it was a rather strange experience! I was soon put at ease by Kiran and felt like it was more a conversation rather than an interview, she explained how they were looking to expand their team and support and shield our elderly community, especially during these difficult times. 

The more I discovered how they provide home care to the vulnerable and how they make a difference to people’s lives, the more I knew I wanted to do this and get involved. After a successful interview, I was invited to a Recruitment Assessment Programme. Again, due to Covid and social distancing, this was all done via zoom.

During the assessment programme, I instantly felt like I was part of something bigger than I had imagined, I felt like I had been welcomed into a family of supportive, friendly and compassionate people. 

Soon after I started, I said to one of my new colleagues, I love it! I know this is what I want to do. 

When you start caring for someone and seeing the impact you’re having on their life, it’s the most rewarding and overwhelming experience you’ll ever have. If I have learned one thing during this challenging time, it’s the importance of social interaction and having friends and relationships to get you by and support you whe n you need it the most.

There is more to being a CAREGiver than personal care, it’s about building relationships with people who have lost their confidence or need support around the home, you become a huge part of their life and a big reason for them to smile. But, you don’t just become a huge part of their life, you also become a huge part of their families life too. 

Over the last few months, I have discovered that not only are our client’s nervous about what’s happening during this pandemic, but their families are too. Providing reassurance, comfort and emotional support to clients and their families is truly gratifying. 

You don’t ever feel like this is a job, you feel like an extended member of the family who’s helping a loved one out. It's a wonderful feeling.

Adapting to COVID-19 and going the extra mile 

I used to rely on public transportation to get around the town, but since the pandemic, I decided to take extra precaution and reduce the risk of infection to my clients by investing in an electric scooter and my clients LOVE IT! 

They get great pleasure in seeing me pull up on my scooter that is quite often loaded with fresh vegetables I have grown down on my plot at the local allotment. 

I get great satisfaction helping clients with their dietary requirements and getting them to enjoy new homely meals cooked with freshly grown vegetables. 

I love whizzing around from client-to-client and knowing that I am safest I can be to enter their home and both the client and their family appreciate the efforts we go through to ensure they are as shielded to the best of our ability. 

Making a Difference The best part about being a CAREGiver is knowing that you are making a difference and a positive impact on someone's life. We have a wonderful client who came out of a care home, she didn’t have the best experience in there and her family thought it would be safer for her to be in the comfort of her home. 

While in the care home, our client became uncomfortable and lost all confidence in herself to the point where she couldn’t walk without an aide. 

This had a huge impact on her mental wellbeing and was something she really missed, her independence. 

We sat with her and her family and discussed how we could help, what we could do to encourage her to enjoy life again. Our client wanted to walk up her road without an aide, so we set a goal and began taking her for small walks to help build her confidence. 

Not only did she reach her goal of walking down the road without an aide, she now enjoys a stroll around the block, I’m not sure who needs the go-faster stripes, me on my electric scooter or her wanting to do laps around the neighbourhood! I’m so proud of her and to be a part of such an accomplishment.

Working as a CAREGiver for Home Instead Romford

I love working for Home Instead Romford, I never thought I would enjoy it so much, but it’s incredible, the people, the training, the support and most importantly, the clients.

If you are unsure about starting a career in care, take the leap, give it a go, you won’t regret it.

I feel the happiest I have ever felt in a career.

If you are looking for home care or for someone to support your loved one when you can’t, let me reassure you, you and your loved one will be in the most capable and caring hands possible.

I definitely want to do this job until I retire, I know I am a CAREGiver for life.

Thank you for reading,

CAREGiver Electric Scooter