Connecting loved ones through Technology

For our 96 years old client who lives alone, one of the unexpected silver linings of Covid-19 has been discovering the untapped joy of video calling, especially at a time when in-person interaction is strictly off-limits.

Our client recently mentioned how she would love to see her grandchildren one day. Lo and behold, our CAREGiver managed to arrange it - she bought some headphones for our client and arranged a Whatsapp video call with her son! She managed to see all 5 of her grandsons and wish one of them a very happy birthday too. She may be frightened by the virus, who isn’t? But she’s grateful to know that she's not alone.

In these uneasy times, connecting with loved ones is crucial. Through technology devices, we can help you and your family to stay connected, sharing moments together even when apart, and provide an easy way to socially engage with others while staying safe in the comfort of their home.