Client Case Study - Julie

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Client Case Study - Julie

Julie moved to Tavistock at the beginning of 2022.  Her daughter phoned us as Julie had already been having visits from Home Instead Care Professionals at her previous home.  We were able to give Julie continuity of care as the principles and ethos of Home Instead are shared by all offices.  This gave Julie and her daughter a great deal of peace of mind when she moved to a new area.  We were initially approached for companionship and home help for Julie.

As Julie was new to the area, we were able to help her register for local services and our Care Professionals took Julie to her initial/introductory appointments.  We also helped her discover her local area and things to do which were within walking distance of her new flat, including the park, leisure centre and local shops. We checked to see if she would like to apply for the non means tested Attendance Allowance and that she could have a free visit from the Fire service to check everything was safe at home.  Connecting her with a local energy saving charity also enabled her to consider measures to reduce energy and thus cost.

Although Julie hadn’t had any falls she was a little nervous and was being encouraged to use a stick when out and about.  Being with our Care Professionals helped Julie gain confidence when out walking by herself.  One of Julie’s priorities was to remain fit and active.  She was keen to start swimming regularly and managed to set this up with the help of her Care Professionals who initially joined her in the pool to give her more confidence during her first sessions.  Julie became much more confident with her swimming and looked forward to her weekly sessions with our Care Professionals.

Through their visit notes our Care Professionals were able to monitor how Julie was coping and any concerns were fed back to her daughter.  As Julie’s daughter was still worried about how her mum was managing day to day, we set her up on our care app so she could read all the visit notes which reassured her. Julie’s daughter could then chat to the responsive office team to ensure the support continued efficiently and met mum’s needs.

As Julie’s needs increased we were able to increase her visits so that we saw her daily.  When Julie became unwell we were able to provide overnight care.  When Julie became unable to live in her flat by herself she moved into a local care home.  We were able to use some familiar faces to help her settle in and these same Care Professionals still continue to visit Julie regularly in her new home.