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Home Instead’s live-in care helps you stay independent & comfortable in your own home. You are matched with a Care Professional who gives you all the support you require.

We've helped thousands of families to stay safe, comfortable and happy at home. Whatever situation you're facing, or whatever the question is, Home Instead is here to help.

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Live-In Care in Stroud, South Cotswolds & Surrounding Regions

Imagine having a dedicated Care Professional reside in your home, offering practical help and friendship throughout your day.

This dedicated Care Professional is the essence of live-in care, an individualised service that allows residents of Stroud, South Cotswolds and nearby areas to continue enjoying their accustomed way of life. Families can breathe easier, knowing their loved one has ongoing, round-the-clock support, which includes daily help and emotional companionship.

Why Opt for Live-In Care in Stroud, South Cotswolds & Surrounding Areas?

There are numerous advantages to choosing live-in care. Here are some to consider:

Stay in Your Own Home

Why move to a care facility when you can enjoy the comforts of your own home? Live-in care makes this possible.

Reliable Support

The continuous presence of a live-in Care Professional ensures that your individual care requirements are consistently met.

Personalised Care

Experience devoted care and individualised attention from a live-in Care Professional who becomes an essential part of your home life.

Wide-Ranging Assistance

Whether it’s helping with daily chores or offering personal care, your live-in Care Professional is ready to support you in various ways, like bathing, dressing, and maintaining a clean living space.

Social Interaction

Combat isolation and loneliness as your live-in Care Professional can help facilitate social activities and interactions.

Your Live-In Care Professional: A Vital Member of Your Home

Within Stroud, South Cotswolds and the surrounding locales, a live-in Care Professional seamlessly integrates into your household, thereby fostering a nurturing care environment.

We prioritise the formation of significant relationships. Therefore, we aim to match clients with Care Professionals whose interests and preferences align with theirs. This alignment helps even more to meet your daily needs and enhances the overall living experience.

Industry-Leading Training for Our Care Professionals

Our Care Professionals complete a comprehensive, top-tier training program to provide personalised and specialised care within the comfort of your home, a great alternative to residential care settings in Stroud, South Cotswolds, and the surrounding Areas.

The unique benefit of live-in care is the focused, one-to-one attention from Care Professionals who get to know you inside and out in a home setting.

Living Together

By sharing your home, your live-in Care Professional in Stroud, South Cotswolds and the surrounding Areas assists with various responsibilities, such as tidying up, grocery shopping, preparing meals, and accompanying you to social activities and medical appointments. This supportive framework allows you to maintain a fulfilling, secure home life while alleviating feelings of solitude or social isolation.

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The Benefits of Live-in Care in Stroud, South Cotswolds & the Surrounding Areas

Live-in care stands as a resilient option enabling you to stay in your beloved home, all while being supported by a committed Care Professional who naturally integrates into your household. This care model offers a custom-tailored experience and presents itself as a financially savvy choice compared to hourly care services or residential care homes.

We offer daycare solutions for those needing periodic assistance rather than around-the-clock support. These are crafted to give you the help you need for daily tasks intermittently throughout your day, allowing you to maintain your independence and personal space without the financial strain of continual care. Even within this framework, a live-in Care Professional is on standby during nighttime hours for any urgent needs, providing an added layer of reassurance that you’re not isolated at home, thereby bolstering your feelings of safety and tranquillity.

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Why Choose Live-in Care at Home?

For many who require caregiving, the stability of their setting and the constant presence of known Care Professionals hold immense importance. This is especially true when family and friends live at a distance or face limitations in visiting frequently. In such cases, live-in care serves as a cornerstone of emotional support for older relatives, ensuring they’re neither isolated nor lonesome and continue to lead a satisfying existence.

The individualized nature of live-in care enables people to live autonomously and on their own terms. Customized with meticulous detail to cater to an individual’s specific needs and desires, this form of care injects significance and intention into their daily existence. It goes beyond merely filling time between scheduled care visits and aims to create a lively and interactive atmosphere, thus substantially improving the life quality of those receiving care.

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