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Whilst a lot of us are at home, there’s probably a lot of television being watched! That’s why for #WorldTVDay we’re curious to know what everyone’s favourite TV show or movie has been over the past few months? Let us know in the comments

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stay nourished

Staying Nourished

Some people believe that you need to eat less as you age, which is incorrect. Learn more about the myths associated with ageing and eating well here: #StayNourished

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wonderful CAREGivers

"Your CAREGivers are absolutely wonderful"

Wonderful feedback and we've only been visiting this client for one week! Creating long term rapport and relationships is crucial to our care and when it starts of like this, we know it's a great match!

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falls - tips

Staying safe at home - Tips and Support

Whilst older people are spending almost all of these time at home, we thought we’d share some useful advice on our website all about staying safe at home. It offers some thoughts on how to minimise risks of falls, slips and bangs. Take a look here:…/staying-safe-at-home

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Mirthy - Live Talk and Events

Don’t forget to check out all the fantastic events from @Mirthy. They provide free live talks and events, whether you are a Home Instead client or not, to enjoy from the comfort of home. Take a look at what Mirthy are offering and register for any that take your fancy here:

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live well your way


Almost a third (31%) of over-65s we surveyed say that a positive thing about getting older is being able to speak your mind. Given the laughs our CAREGivers have had with clients over the years, we certainly value our clients’ honesty #LiveWellYourWay

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World Food Day

World Food Day!

It’s #WorldFoodDay, a day that promotes healthy diets for all, so we thought we’d share our recipes designed with an older person’s nutrition in mind. Avoiding malnutrition and dehydration is so important, especially in later life. Take a look here:

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Arthritis Day


Many of our clients live with arthritis, which is why we love the campaign for #WorldArthritisDay that calls for you to share a message of strength to those living with a form of arthritis. Write a message and use the #SendStrength hashtag to show support.

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New Start - New Job!

Recent circumstances have meant that many people are looking for new jobs and are considering new sectors altogether. If you're one of these people, or know someone who is, then spread the news that Home Instead are hiring for CAREGivers and other care staff across the UK! We're continually building our team to help as many older people as possible through this crisis, so if you're kind, compassionate and ready to make a difference, take a look at what's available in our area:

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Malnutrition Week

Malnutritian Week

It's Malnutrition Awareness Week! Did you know? One in ten people over the age of 65 are at risk of malnutrition. That’s we’re sharing our recipes with older people and their nutrition in mind. Check them out here: #UKMAW2020

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ORCHA - Apps to help you age well

We’re so happy to be partnered with ORCHA to bring you a way of finding the best apps to help you age well, whether it’s support around nutrition, hydration or exercise, or an app to help with specific medical needs. Head to our site for more information:

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I'm not old

"Who Says I'm Old!"

We surveyed 2,000 over-65s and found that on average they believe that old age doesn’t begin until 77. To read more about our survey, visit:…/brits-are-bold-about-getting-old

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