The company care for my aunt who has early stage dementia. We recently took her away for a family wedding and then to stay with her niece. Circumstances meant that we changed the timings of events but these were accommodated well. On return, we met one of her carers with whom we were very impressed. My aunt is clearly very well liked by her and it was so good to see them reacting together in a loving and caring way. When you live so far away from a vulnerable relative it is so reassuring to know that they are in safe hands and obviously well cared for. I work in an environment where I frequently meet carers from various walks of life and it is sad to say that some of them simply do not care and so to witness the polar opposite was heartwarming. Thank you, team, for the wonderful work you do in allowing patients such as my aunt to remain living in their homes knowing that they are safe and well cared for. ’’

Ms C (Clients niece)

We have been extremely impressed and satisfied with the service Home Instead offer. It enables my aunt to live independently in her own home, but provides us with the comfort of knowing she is being looked after and cared for every day with regular visits. All the family live at least 2 hours away and work full time so having this peace of mind is wonderful. Also, my aunt is cared for over and above by taking her out on visits to places keeping her mind and body active - taking her swimming, which she loves, and ensuring she is cared for not only mentally but also physically with hair, nail and pedicures on a regular basis. The carers are very fond of my aunt and we have regular communication which is always actioned. I can whole heartedly recommend this branch of Home Instead to anyone who is looking to keep their family in their own home.

Mrs G - Clients daughter

To all the wonderful staff at Home Instead! Without you it would have been even harder to keep Dad in the comfort of his own home until the end of his long and wonderful life. An enormous Thank you to Nick, Fiona, Kate, Paul and Tamara and all the wonderful people on the end of the phone, always helpful and understanding. You were all second to none, Dad adored you all for your constant kindness-we will remember it forever. Much love always - Mr D's family.

Mr L (Clients Husband)

Home Instead has been of great assistance with providing carers for my wife's rapidly changing and unpredictable needs. Home Instead has given me the confidence that they will be available with a reliable solution to a problem, such as providing care at very short notice to allow any multiple of things. Carers have been pleasant and competent giving friendly help to an old person finding it difficult to adapt to new circumstances. 

Mrs G (Clients Wife)

Home Instead senior care has provided very caring and professional support for my husband. All the staff, both administrative and caring that I have encountered have been friendly, confident and efficient, all without being "Starchy"  They are always ready to give time to discuss any problems and this listening ear is very important, especially for long term carers. 

Mr A (Client)

Home Instead is an extremely friendly & reliable organisation able to give a personal service. We have an excellent rapport with our caregiver.

Mrs Mc (Daughter of Client)

We have found that Home Instead is particularly user-friendly. The company is easy to contact and quick to come up with solution to problems. My father's carer arrives early to organise and stays to tell us how these activities were enjoyed. Regular and continuing checks are made as to the suitability of the carer and this is reassuring. A very professional company!

Mrs M (Friend of Client)

The care for my friend has improved significantly since Home Instead have taken responsibility for her day to day needs. The obvious improvement has been in her appearance, her home surroundings and being taken out for the occasional shopping trip. These plus visits to the local hairdressers and other places have all contributed to her quality of life. Despite her great age she possesses a lively and enquiring mind that need stimulating and the extended care now provided gives every opportunity for that to be addressed. The team of carers, now provided, have in their various ways complement her care needs and have her best interests at heart, chief among these is her independence and over arching need to stay in her own home for as long as possible. Home Instead has made this possible.

Mrs W (Client)

I have found all the staff at Home Instead to be efficient, considerate, helpful and kind. I am happy to be one of their clients. 

Mrs Y (Client)

Home Instead are attentive, supportive and ready to listen to my problems at all times. I find them very understanding and helpful. 

Mrs T (Clients Daughter)

The carer knows exactly how to manage my mum, who can be difficult at time, and mum always enjoys herself. We are so pleased with the service that we are now adding another regular slot each week. Furthermore Home Instead helped me out on a last minute care need with less than 24 hours notice. Great Service!

Mr D (Clients Son)

Wendy has been an invaluable to my Mum over the last 12 months... As well as the level of service I was also impressed with all the records that are kept and the attention to detail. 

Mrs G (Client)

I feel now I have Home Instead Senior Care that I can stay in my home. My Caregivers are always on time, reliable and friendly. 

Mrs M (Clients Wife)

The agency and the most wonderful male carer, Andrew, have enhanced my life. Once a week I am now able to go out for a few hours with no worry and my husband is able to enjoy the company of another male instead of all my girl friends. All the staff I have met or spoke to have been most pleasant and helpful. 

Mr and Mrs C (Client and his Wife)

Just to say a big thank you to you all for the very enjoyable Christmas party that you arranged for everyone. I'm sure we all had a very good time, thank to all your hard work. 

Mrs H (Clients Daughter)

Thank you so much for the care you have taken with Dad. You have "lifted" him each day. It has made a difficult time possible! 

Mrs E (Clients Daughter)

Your carers are dedicated and well-trained and clearly, you are caring employers who I would have no hesitation in using again in the future, or recommending to friends and acquaintances. 

Mrs H (Clients Daughter)

I wanted to take the opportunity to say how pleased Mum is with the care she is receiving, and happy with the carers who call. I haven't met them but Dana and Valerie always get a special mention so thank you so much. It is good to know she is being well cared for and still able to stay at home. 

Mrs E (Clients Daughter)

I don't know what I would do without Home Instead.