Friends who care

When it comes to finding people with the ‘right heart to care’, who better to ask than someone who is already working in the sector?

Our Care Professionals are helping more people join the care sector…

Working in care gives you the opportunity to make an incredible difference the minute you walk through the door, helping people in your community to live happier, more independent and safer lives. There’s nothing more powerful than the ability to change somebody’s life for the better every day, whether that’s simply keeping them company, or offering more advanced personal or dementia care.

However, despite the reward, recognition and flexibility of care work, the sector is often misjudged and stigmatised. At Home Instead, we work hard across all of our operations and campaigns to combat these stereotypes, in the hopes of gradually breaking down those barriers and encouraging more people to begin their career in care.

So, when it comes to finding people with the ‘right heart to care’, who better to ask than someone who is already working in the sector? Almost 30% of our workforce here in Sheffield and Barnsley came to Home Instead via a friend’s referral and this has helped us to create a proud, dedicated team of Care Professionals who are truly passionate about care.

Our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme asks Care Pros to refer anyone who they think would make a great fellow Care Professional to apply for a position with us. For each successful referral made, we offer £200 to the Care Pro who referred them, in recognition of their contribution to ‘expanding the world’s capacity to care’.

Speaking to some of our Care Pros who have utilised the referral scheme and referred a friend who’s now part of the Home Instead family, we learn more about what it is that makes a great carer.

Jennifer, Care Professional (Sheffield South)

“When I started working for Home Instead, I had no idea how much I was going to fall in love with the job of caring for people. I knew my best friend, [Jay], had also been working in care and was looking to start a new career in care elsewhere.

Knowing what wonderful clients I care for around my area and knowing my colleagues are fantastic, I instantly knew that she would like it at Home Instead. I originally referred her as I thought she would be a great Care Pro but she soon took the role of Field Support Supervisor instead! Jay is kind-hearted, compassionate, empathetic and hard working – all the qualities needed within care and I trust her entirely. Knowing this, I knew she would thrive at Home Instead and bring something amazing to the team.

Since then, I’ve not been wrong because I know the clients and my fellow colleagues love her and she’s had great reviews. I can see what a difference she’s made within her role. I would continue to recommend Home Instead to anybody wanting to work in care. I’ve worked within many different roles in my life and Home Instead has by far been my most rewarding job to date.”

Client and Care Professional - Home Instead

Katie, Care Professional (Sheffield South)

“Amanda had been in her last job many years, but I knew she wanted to do something different. She said she wanted to make a difference, so I told her about [Home Instead’s] work and how rewarding it is and how you become like family and friends to our clients – not just a carer.

I knew Amanda would be a wonderful Care Professional as she’s a very caring and compassionate person. Amanda chose to take the leap and she’s so happy that she did! I’ve since worked with Amanda in double up calls and she’s amazing with clients, she’s really taken to it well. I’m so proud of her.”

A caregiver and an elderly man are talking and smiling in a bright, window-filled room with greenery outside. - Home Instead

Barbara, Care Professional (Barnsley)

“I referred Wendyellen because she’s a kind, compassionate person, a hard worker and someone who I’ve known for many years.

I’ve worked with her in the past in two former jobs and from that we became very close friends. I knew she’d be right for Home Instead and would make an amazing Care Professional.”

Care Professional - Home Instead

Kim, Care Professional (Sheffield South)

“I’ve known Danielle since our boys were in nursery, she’s always been very caring towards others – especially the older generation.

She is a brilliant mum to her four kids and when her grandparents needed help a few years ago she was the only family they had around, so she stepped up to help them do everyday tasks that we sometimes take for granted. From this, Danielle discovered that she loved caring for people, so I told her about where I worked.

She said it sounded like something she would like to do, so I gave her the number for Home Instead and the rest is history – so to speak!”

A woman in a purple shirt smiles while talking with an elderly person in a purple sweater at a wooden table. - Home Instead

Is caregiving for you? We believe in putting our trust in people, not just qualifications or experiences. If you want to make an impact from the very start, care is the job for you.

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