Just a Carer? No such thing!

Real care stories from our very own Care Professionals have been the inspiration behind a new Home Instead campaign showcasing career opportunities at the company.

We know that all too often the role of a carer is undervalued and so the new campaign “Not Just a Carer” aims to dispel this misconception by showing just how meaningful, important and life changing the job is.

Playing across TV, print, broadcast and social media in the North-West initially, it depicts real scenarios where Care Professionals have found unique ways to support clients to overcome a situation. These real stories show just how amazing our Care Professionals really are.

One of these shows ‘Beryl’ who gets muddled finding rooms in her bungalow. Her Care Professional comes up with an idea to stick pictures of what’s inside each room on each door to help Beryl find her way around, and help her feel at home again.

Another story depicts how ‘Meera’ is terrified of water and refuses to wash. Her Care Professional brings in a doll and starts to ‘wash’ her and before long, Meera helps to take care of the doll and gets over her phobia of water.

The final story follows ‘Eddie’ who for a long time has struggled with his appearance and hygiene. Eddie’s Care Professional comes in and gives him a makeover so that, for the first time in a long time, he feels seen again.

Caroline Woodall, Head of Marketing at Home Instead, said: “Delivering top class home care starts with finding the right people to care for our clients. That’s why we wanted to use some of the real care scenarios to show exactly the kind of Care Professionals we’re looking for. They are people who value relationships and use their skills, attitude and personality to ‘find a way’ to solve a problem, ultimately helping our clients continue being who they are, living fulfilled lives in the place they are most familiar.

“We launched the campaign over Christmas during a time when we know families are coming together and may also realise that parents and grandparents need that extra support. We’d urge you to reach out to us and we’d be happy to help.”

Find out more information about Home Instead’s services or get in touch with a local office who’d be more than happy to help.

You can also find out more about working as a Care Professional.