Tips To Keep Your Garden Looking Great Through The Winter!

The summer months are a great time for us to spend some time tendering our garden making it look beautiful for the garden parties and BBQ’s. Winter is just around the corner and although we may not be able to sit outside and enjoy our gardens, we can stand and admire them from the warmth of our homes by following these simple tips!

Remove Greenhouse Shading

As September draws closer, the days become shorter and sunlight is a valuable source, keeping your Greenhouse in the sun for as long as possible will allow plants to have a last burst of growth before the winter months close in.

Plant Evergreens

Evergreens are a great way of maintain colour in your garden over the winter, they are easy to maintain and like the name says, they are always green!

Maintain your lawn

If your lawn is in need of a bit of TLC, autumn is the perfect time to do it! Create holes in compact areas of soil to improve drainage over the winter months.

Tidy borders of the garden

Dig up annual and replant beds with winter bedding such as pansies and wallflowers, this will ensure a colourful display comes through next spring. Once borders are tidy, spread a layer of compost throughout, there is no need to dig it in as the worms will do this for you!

Put nets over your pond!

Decomposing leaves can clog up the pond and pumps causing dirty pond water! Having a net over the top will catch leaves and keep your pond water (and filter) crystal clear.