Time to Block Nuisance Calls

For too long have people living with dementia been subject to nuisance calls on a day to day basis, receiving onslaught after onslaught of constant calls to their homes from unwanted callers.

There is now hope that we will be able to end a huge majority of the unwanted calls that people living with dementia will receive, as Trading Standards have teamed up with South Yorkshire Police's community safety department, to put an end to nuisance calls.

There is a new scheme that has been created to try to combat these nuisance calls; to qualify the person must have a dementia-related illness and receive nuisance calls on a reasonably regular basis.

It is a very positive scheme and more information can be found by visiting www.truecall.co.uk 

TrueCall have began a scheme that protects people living with dementia by having a system in place that stops calls being made to a clients home that are unwanted.

This is achieved by;

Checking all calls that are made to the clients phone.

Each phone will have a Star list that allows calls made to the clients phone to ring straight through.

It does also include a Block list for calls that have been previously turned away.

TrueCall gets hold of the number on the Block list and automates a message that plays: We are not interested in your call please do not try again.

An unknown number will be answered by TrueCall that says: Hi you are through to (clients name), I don't accept telemarketing calls but if you are a friend, family member or invited caller, please say your name after the tone, then press hash.

Silent calls or recorded calls cannot get through, as call centre agents rarely say their name as they know the client will just be annoyed that they ignored his/her wishes.

It is therefore in their best interests if they are intercepted by TrueCall to end the call and move onto their next call.

If you have managed to get through to the clients phone it will ring. The client will then have the option to press 1 to accept the call # to block the call X leave a message or press * to add that caller to the Star list.

This is a truly wonderful way to help ease the stress caused by unwanted callers on a person living with Dementia and trials have shown that TrueCalls have stopped 95% of unwanted calls.