The unsung heroes of Home Instead, supporting CAREGivers since 2006.

Home Instead Sheffield, has many CAREGivers that all maintain a high level of care for all their clients and their respective families.  Some go out on their own for one to one visits, others go out in pairs.  However at times incidents/emergencies can arise whilst they are out visiting their clients, after all, a care visit can be totally unpredictable. If an emergency were to arise then CAREGivers would phone both the emergency services (if required) and then the local office.

It can be hugely upsetting for CAREGivers if a situation arose where a client had been hurt in an accident whilst they were with them. CAREGivers have high quality training, and the procedures put in place by Home Instead are very effective, when dealing with a crisis. However it can be both daunting and overwhelming for some CAREGivers, if they were left to deal with an emergency all by themselves. 

Yet they are not alone. I work alongside office staff in the Sheffield office and I have to say, collectively, they are supremely efficient. Constantly answering calls from clients and CAREGivers, dealing with all queries, and arranging cover so that absolutely every client is visited (no one is missed). Without being asked, office staff will often stay beyond their 5 o’clock working days to ensure everything is completed.  However their true intrepidness occurs in emergencies. They provide fantastic support over the phone, which calms any situation, and cools any crisis. With the help of the office staff, CAREGivers are never on their own.

 This news story is dedicated to everyone in the Sheffield office, thanks to all your hard work and commitment.