The Sheffield Dementia action alliance 

the ten areas needed to create a dementia friendly community

The Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance (SDAA) is currently 1 of 9 alliances based in the Yorkshire and Humber area, and 1 of 55 in the entire UK. Over 700 organisations including Home Instead Sheffield are members of the Dementia Action Alliance and strive towards a vision of how people with dementia and their families can be supported by society to live well with the condition, creating ‘dementia-friendly communities’.

The SDAA meets Bi-monthly, and looks at what current commitments are being made from the different members. The free family education dementia workshops are Home Instead Sheffield’s commitment to the alliance; providing valuable information to families and others in the local community. 

The Alliance is striving for a brighter future and describes a dementia friendly community as:

 ‘A city, town or village where people with dementia are understood respected and supported, and feel confident they can contribute to community life. In a dementia-friendly community people will be aware of and understand dementia, and people with dementia will feel included and involved, and have choice and control over their daily lives’

There are ten key areas of focus (shown in the image) when it comes to identifying a dementia friendly community. This is merely the beginning for the SDAA, and with a growing number of members, and David Camerons strong message of dementia friendly communities throughout the UK, Hopefully soon Sheffield can ensure that these areas are satisfied and officially become a dementia friendly community.

The ten areas needed to create a dementia friendly community