The Early Symptoms To Look Out For In Dementia

Each and every person is unique and dementia affects people in different ways, no two people with the same symptoms will develop in exact same way. An individual’s personality, general health and social situation are all information factors in determining the impact of dementia.

Although symptoms do vary between Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, there are broad similarities between them all.  

Below is a list of common early symptoms of dementia:

Memory loss.  Declining memory, especially short-term is the most common symptom of dementia.

Difficulty performing familiar tasks. People who are living with dementia often find it hard to complete everyday tasks that are familiar to them. For example, getting dressed, they may not know what order to put their clothes on or the steps for preparing a meal correctly.

Problems with language. This is something that can happen to anyone, occasionally everyone has trouble finding the right word but a person living with dementia will often forgot the simple words or substitute for unusual words. Making speech or writing hard to understand.

Disorientation to time and place. We sometimes forgot the day of the week or where we are going but a person living with dementia can become lost in familiar places such as the road they live in or even forgetting which house they live in. They may also confuse night and day.

Problems with keeping track of things. A person living with dementia may find it difficult to follow a conversation or keep up with paying their bills.

 Loss of initiative.  At times everyone can become tired of housework, work or social activities. However, a person living with dementia may become very passive, sitting in front of the television for hours and sleeping more than usual.

If you are concerned about a loved one, please visit your doctor and discuss your concerns.

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